Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade 2007

My favorite wacky 2007 Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade entry was our own, Hairy Potter, who took time out of his busy schedule (banging pots for all to hear) to smile at the camera…winning him 1st Place for the Kids. (I just hope I remember who won what…)

The 2007 Doo Dah Parade in Fawnskin, California had 48 participants this year. Yikes! The whole Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade was about 45 minutes–pretty long for a three block town!

As usual, the parade was kicked off with a fly-by, performed by the Fawnskin Air Force. Geez we are booming, instead of one plane this year, we had five!

Above: The Fawnskin Air Force buzzes the place and kicks off the annual Doo Dah Parade.

The only bad thing about being a judge is that you can’t see the planes since we are in the shade on the porch of the Moose Lodge 2085–so I just stuck out my arm and pointed and snapped and hoped for the best!

Yep, nothing but the best in the Doo Dah tradition!

Above: Following the Fawnskin Air Force is Fawnskin’s own Fire Station 49!

Above: Followed by the Forestry Service with Smokey the Bear.

Above: Three of the four judges of the Doo Dah Parade–in true Doo Dah Tradition–Trish was late for photos. Left to right: Bill, Cynthia, Diana

Now being a judge has it perks, you get to wear these nifty hats (some judges don’t comply–I gotta ask, do ya’ feel too big for yer britches?), you get (or used to get) the best seats to view the parade, you receive promises of bribes, you get to participate in an unorganized and rushed voting tally, and finally you get to give out awards to those zany winners.

Above: Judge Diana with Master of Ceremonies, Rick. Incidentally, Rick threw his microphone aside in a mad surge of passion and ran out to kiss his wife Charlene (in the non-marching band float) disrupting everything and managing to motivate the crowd to erupt into a frenzy of cheers.

Above: Kelsey Miller and Racheal Kramer (sorry I don’t know who is who) smiling with their ribbons. They did a fine job as majorette and minorette.

Above: Miss Tiny Clementine 2007

Around these parts we start introducing our youngsters to fun and mayhem early. Also, they tend to be really cute and so are great to have in the parade…but it is a secret strategy really, once they get hooked on the attention it guarantees that we will have Doo Dah Parade participants for many years to come.

Above: Miss Tiny Clementine practices riding and waving.

Above: Best Overall 1st Place were the Baby Broomers. Kathy Murphy (right) is the heart and soul of the Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade.

Kathy Murphy, parade organizer and coordinator, works her bu** off on this project. This year she got hoots, hollers, and a round of applause because of it–stopping the whole dang parade.

By the way Kathy since we are talking about working your bu** off, I gotta ask, is that why you have the diapers this year–a little lift?

Above: Baby Broomers–bu** shot of the routine.

Above: CATS won 1st Place for Best Adult Category

Above: Anne-Marie & Nugget do a fine job for Bear Valley Pet & Animal Supply–next time stop and smile at the judges!

Above: The Cooler Moose drive by on their cooler vehicles.

Above: Moose Lodge motorized coolers–all were decorated in unique ways. Who thought up this marketing idea?

Above: Karl, a member of the Cooler Moose gives new meaning to “party animal” as he celebrated winning 2nd place.

Above: The zany hats and unique style of the Flatlanders won them 3rd Place.

Above: Friends of Fawnskin morph into Fans of Fawnskin with an assortment of fans…landing them 4th Place.

Above: Deputy Holly is camera shy but we are glad she commuted over…oh yeah, we were happy to see John and Julie, too!

Above: One of the great silly acts of the day was the Hess-Pheffer Family Chorus. Great job gang!

Above: Kelly & Kailyn Homan with Bubbles. The float with the little gal on the end–she is sitting on a skateboard.

Above: Silly scrubs and more in the Joyful Noise Clogging Company.

Above: Mayor of Fawnskin, Gene Cyr with First lady of Fawnskin, Glenna.

Above: Big Bear Lions Club goes crazy with water. Hey guys–don’t wet the judges or the cameras next year!

Above: The gang from the Muldoon Saloon.

Above: Miss Clementine does a great job and has a great wave!

Above: Fawnskin Market participated in the parade–the kids did a good job reminding everyone to head over to the place to say hello to Mike!

Above: The Doo Dah Parade not only has zany participants but also has some great spectators!

Shortly after the Fawskin Festival kicked off…but more on that later.

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