Fawnskin Flyer Celebrates Two Years & Fawnskin’s Food for Life Class

Okay, so I forgot to announce the anniversary of the Fawnskin Flyer…I’ve been in an intensive internet class and sequestered away working. The official launch was July 1, 2005 and although I no longer publish a printed flyer, the readership is worldwide with 2445 unique visitors in June…go figure!

Visitors drop in regularly from Canada, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Mexico, France, Israel, Tartu, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Brazil, Kuwait, Switzerland, Pakistan, Finland, Korea, the Ivory Coast, Argentina, and from around the United States.

Geez, who would have known a little gossip rag that started as a joke would get so far in such a short time? Now do you wonder why I quit circulating the 50 or so local flyers and went online instead?

Besides, people were lifting the flyers and not leaving a quarter in the can…bad behavior that was NOT compensated by those who were leaving whole dollars in appreciation of all the hard work involved…but I digress.

I thought I would celebrate with some smart a** commentary (check tomorrow) but before I do I thought you might like to know a couple of things going on around town.

First, you might have heard about mama bear and the baby bears hanging out above Arapaho…dog man’s pack went after them and fortunately mama bear did not attack the dogs.

If you have not noticed, many of the animals have moved down near town to access the water. The drought and lack of precipitation only means that we will be seeing more critters. Use caution and common sense. Keep your trash locked up and sealed–if you have bird baths or dog bowls expect visitors of all types. Someone outside of Fawnskin recently reported a bear clawing open their wood fence to access the yard.

Ultimately, forget the Yogi Bear and Smokey the Bear stories–these critters are wild animals that should be respected and avoided. Most predators are crepuscular (active at dawn or dusk) or nocturnal (active at night). My raccoon buddies have been prowling around after an absence and they are NOT very happy based on their body language.

The Old Miller School House was hopping last night during the third session of the Cancer Project cooking classes. The classes are AWESOME! The food is great and kudos to Sol Foods Market for bringing it to our community.

If you missed this session be sure to sign up for the next one. We have and use a great cookbook/textbook, view informative videos, and snack under the guidance of Cobi.

Below are a few snaps: 1) Cobi of the Cancer Project, 2) Big Bear Valley students of the Cancer Project Food for Life class, 3) the food line up…yummy!

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