Fawnskin Says, "What Up?"

Okay so maybe we don’t say, “what up” but I do need to come up with some new headers whenever I post!

Code Enforcement?
I walked out this am to see my neighbor in his new hot tub–yuck! The new deck is right up against the property line (which I am told is in violation of the building codes up here) and I wish he would put up a barrier fence that blocks the view. It is bad enough that I had to frost my windows and NOW I am going to have to wear blinders!

I take a little bit of comfort in the fact that some friends of theirs told me they have said they won’t be skinny dipping. Thank God for small favors–who handles the unsightly stuff anyway–probably not code enforcement! 🙂

Fawnskin Parties
Today at 1pm is a party at the Moose Lodge–horse racing and a BBQ later I think but since I don’t know much about it–drop by and check it out.

Speaking of parties, Fawnskin Mayor Gene Cyr was rocking out last night. We could hear the band while we were having dinner over on my neighbors deck and enjoyed the great music which included a whole bunch of oldies but goodies from groups like the Doors, Monkeys…you get the idea.

Sorry but I do not know if it was his promised inaugural party to celebrate his position as mayor or if it was a birthday party–I’ve been sequestered inside with work and out and about only to see clients. (I’ve just been informed it was Glenna and his 42nd Anniversary celebration!)

Nancy Walker is celebrating the release of her new CD on Monday night at Mandolin Bistro in the village from 5pm-8pm. I don’t have an RSVP number (because nobody sends stuff to a gossip rag–I have to hear everything) but an RSVP is requested and you can always call the Inn at Fawnskin.

The new Nancy Walker CD is supposed to be up at CD Baby but I only see Love at Christmas, and the Tribute to Patsy Cline.

Fawnskin Market

Mike is looking a little worse for wear since he is running the store from 7am until 9pm daily. Believe it or not the new phone number is 909-366-0900. He had to prove that it was not an 866 number by calling it from his cell phone. Gone is the old number–and all that previous advertising. Make a note of it.

Mike is also looking for a place here in Fawnskin. His family will be joining him so he need a fairly good sized rental. I took an amble today and saw a ton of rentals. Tina and Peter (local residents) have four one room rentals coming up for rent in August WITH most utilities included in the rent. These are on Navajo just up from Fire Station 49 and across from Ronnie’s place and Peter said they are already taking applications.

On Mohawk there is the red barn looking place set back from the road and near the alley that is now up for rent. Local scuttlebutt is that the rent is WAY high but you can call the owner on it. The whole place was gutted and refurbished some time back. I had a walk through during construction and it really looks good inside. Neighbors are all pretty nice too.

Rumor has it that a place on Illini may be available. The owners are in the big expanse and may hope over to a smaller abode instead. Keep your eyes open as we don’t have many rentals around there parts.

Water–everyone wants it.
I heard that the North Shore Mutual Water Company got an offer from the water company to purchase it. I doubt that they will sell.

In the olden days (always wanted to say that) the Fawnskin Water Company (or something like that–saw the share certificate but can’t exactly remember the name) sold out for a measly $50,000 when local home owners didn’t want to cough up the $100 per household for repairs and replacement on the lines. When they realized the mistake an inquiry was made about buying it back–they could for somewhere in the ball park of 3-4 million!

How is that for penny wise and pound foolish?

I’ll save the Fawn Park commentary for later…

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