Fawnskin…nice change from the other side of the lake!

Above: Around these parts you know you have status when you have been given your own parking space! This official sign is now up at the Moose Lodge 2085 in honor of Don Easton–who remains active with the lodge but who is no longer the administrator.

I’ve been sticking close to home this weekend and that seems to have been a good choice since reports are that a ton of traffic fills the boulevard on the South shore. On this side, the Moose Lodge 2085 yard sale ends today–with a record fundraising for the weekend. It seems most of you cleared them out on Friday–me I missed most of the goodies as I ended up finishing some work on the East end of the valley instead but I did drop by yesterday and this am. Drop by for those last minute deals.

The scuttlebutt I heard this am at the NS Cafe was that many lodge owners are reporting that people have booked rooms from Tuesday through the next weekend. That would be great news for many of the business owners around here.

I’ve noticed that the water quality isn’t so hot this week. I have a red ring around my bathroom sink drain and the stuff smells. Anyone know if the well water level is down? I had another household report the same thing. Yuck…and yet another reason to protest the continued building around these parts–water.

Above: Volunteer Sharon spent long hours running the Moose Lodge 2085 yard sale which seems to be her labor of love. She has done this for the past three years (that I know of) in a row. Great Job! BUT watch out for her as she is a tough sales woman. The guys jokingly say she should have been a car salesperson.

People have been asking me about Fawn Park–quite frankly most of us have been over that issue for a LONG time. The park remains closed to locals and visitors despite the fact that the park owners are still soliciting funds.

Not too long ago locals didn’t appreciate being asked to come down to the park for appearances when a film crew came by to do a story on the place. Why support the story of a community park that really isn’t one?! I think the letter to the editor that appeared in the Grizzly where the author asked if she had “stupid” stamped on her forehead was a pretty good summary of how many people feel around these parts.

Speaking of parks…Old Miller Park looks great and is a nice respite, Dana Point Park is usually used by the visitors but you might not know that the Moose Lodge has been working on the Don Conroy Memorial Park.

The little place behind the Moose Lodge 2085 has horseshoe rings, tables, and a few trees so far. The Righteous Ones used it last week for their big biker run and after party.

Above: The Don Conroy Memorial Park sign.

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