Getting Our Piece of the Literary Pie: Fawnskin Authors

Above: The blueberry literary pie–designed to feed the muse and bring together those who have a passion for writing.

Yesterday I got my piece of literary pie–along with other Fawnskin authors Rita S. Robinson-Campbell & Joan Cline (aka William Sarabande) and Big Bear author Kat Blanc. We all took a couple hours from our busy schedules to get together for lunch.

The literary pie is actually the recipe of Patry Francis, author of the Liar’s Diary. The rules are that you have to thank your muse (and feed her) and get together with others of the literary mindset to do it. I included the literary pie recipe on the Fawnskin Flyer last year. So, I baked the pie and we all got together for good company, good conversation, and good food.

Above: Fawnskin authors (left to right), Joan Cline, Rita Robinson, and Diana Guerrero.

Did we talk about writing? Yes, but that was not the focus of the afternoon. We chatted about all kinds of topics and yes, we thanked our muses and fed them–so we all expect to be more creative and productive than usual.

Books by Fawnskin Author Diana L Guerrero

Books by Fawnskin Author Joan Cline aka William Sarabande

Books by Fawnskin Author Rita S Robinson

Books by Big Bear Author Kat Blanc

Thanks to Patry Francis for the recipe…here is her book:

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