Gone to the Dogs: Mitt Romney Dog Video Commentary

Potty humor…Mitt Romney’s Dog…video commentary. Okay, I had to include this (WARNING adult content) video about the recent news that got Romney in deep doo doo so that Romney landed in PeTA’s dog house…just what the media loves–smart a** commentaries that don’t take much work to come up with…so my question is, how about OUR dog problems up here in the Big Bear Valley?

Intact male dogs running loose throughout town despite a leash law, attacks on the trails and parks, incessant barking dogs, and people who don’t clean up the dog sh** after walking their pets on your lot or in the forest.

So maybe nobody around these parts puts their dog on top of the car but they sure do have them improperly secured in the backs of trucks, left in hot cars during the summer heat, and running amok through neighborhoods when their contractor owners bring them onto the job site.

What do you think about this leash lawlessness? Is the fur flying over manner less mutts–or should we say owners?

While you ponder, watch this video…I hope it will crack you up…a little raw but the FF is on a roll!

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5 Responses to “Gone to the Dogs: Mitt Romney Dog Video Commentary

  • 1
    July 9th, 2007 21:18

    In my 10 yrs. experience as an Animal Control Officer , I can tell you this…no matter where folks live, city, desert, mtns. or coast…there are always dog owners who are irresponsible.
    Blame the owner, not the dog. Dogs just do what they are good at…barking and running. Your best bet is to handle dog problems through proper channels. I always hear stories of how frustrated people get about the reaction time of Animal Control, but keep at it, they have way too much territory to cover and way too few Officers. It’s a tough job, but they do the
    best they can. Polite persistence pays off.

  • 2
    July 10th, 2007 06:13

    It is an owner problem–yes. Enforcement is a BIG problem up here all the way around and I realize it is a funding and staffing issue.

    I’ve actually been pondering calling the Education Officer at SBAC for a session about what people can do to assist…I have a podcast and think that would be a good topic. Plus it would provide a resource to locals and new residents.

    If you have any weight with her–let me know. The last time she was difficult to pin down even when I called months beforehand.

  • 3
    July 10th, 2007 10:26

    Dog owners are like smokers. They think they have a right to annoy and endanger the health of everybody else with their addiction. They should be banned in public places, then have the “dog poop” taxed out of them until they quit.

  • 4
    July 10th, 2007 10:44

    I like the vigilante idea better…I secretly desire to have those motion cameras that are used to snap violators running red lights put up around the valley.

    We could get those illegal parkers to fund the street and highway maintenance and pay additional enforcement personnel…not sure how you could get them up in the forest or on the streets for dogs.

    Although you make an interesting comparison–responsible dog owners are super–it is the ones who shove the critters in the back yard, feed them cr** food, and who don’t spay and neuter that create the problems.

    We have one guy out here who continues to violate ordinances and his one dog needs to be confiscated and shaved but we have a bunch of others who also let their dogs run, bark, and general disturb the peace…they are just not as visible.

    As for the smokers, what ever happened to that invention that caught the second hand smoke and made the smoker keep it all to him or herself?

  • 5
    July 11th, 2007 14:57

    In most things it’s usually a few rotten apples… however those good dog owners deserve a big THANKS!

    For the rest of you mongrels, owning a pet is not a right, it’s a responsibility! So grow up.