Hot Date Turns Cold

Okay, I was looking forward to my hot date with my honey last night…but it turned cold. You would think that would be a good thing during this nasty heat wave but it was not.

Let me say it was not handsome man–it was the restaurant. Now, it is not my job to be a food critic but that seems to be the theme for this week since it is too hot to cook and I am sick of eating salads at home.

My handsome man (who was out of town for THREE whole days) returned and we ventured out for a meal so we could catch up and have a date. On a whim, we changed our destination to hit a restaurant in the East end of the valley.

Why did we do it? The place changed ownership a while back and when we first tried it–it sucked. But we had only been there ONCE.

When the waitress asked us about our experience the first time–we frankly told her–and she replied that it would be better next time.

Yeah, sure.

Anyway, some of my pals recently told me that it improved and enough time had passed that we thought it might be safe. I also recently was taken to breakfast there and that was good. But the only way to describe the experience last night? Dismal.

We started off happy–it was cool inside and the atmosphere was nice. Additionally, we were greeted immediately, received cold water along with a pitcher to refill our glasses, and our order was taken quickly.

As we chatted, we lost track of time. HM was tired and when conversation slowed we noticed it was taking forever for the appetizer. When it finally did arrive it was nothing like the menu described.

The portobello mushroom with goat cheese and corn relish was firm but had no unique seasonings or flavor–in fact, the relish was actually corn mixed with chopped bell pepper and simply dumped on top. Bland doesn’t describe it…I think the cook thinks that chopped bell peppers and onions replaces spices and talent.

Once finished, we had passed the hour mark as we waited for our salad–and waited, and waited. We finally flagged someone down to request it be delivered…and I hate to say it but the salad was the best part of the whole meal. The salad forks presented were not cold however…am I too demanding when a meal averages from $25-40 per head without appetizers or desert?

At this point the upscale atmosphere was disturbed by a loud mouth table. All the other patrons were exchanging uncomfortable glances but nobody could flag anyone down to ask them to deal with it because staff was scarce…and no way was anyone going back into the kitchen.

Finally our food arrived. Yuck.

I ate simply because of the blood sugar issue as we were into the second hour now and it was now after 9pm! My Cajun trout was smothered with onions and bell peppers instead being a complex blend of seasonings and appropriate adornments. It was however, edible.

HM’s dish was not. The cuts of beef in his pasta dish were fatty and tough. Both of our sides of vegetables were bland–but at least those were not over cooked.

The UPSIDE to the whole thing is that the owner actually appeared to ask us how everything was…and we told him. HM appreciated that they removed his meal from the bill but it probably was not enough.

Before we left the owner said, “It will be better next time.”

Deja Vu. I think not.

Two strikes and you are out.

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