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I returned from Running Springs last night to discover that the sailboat stuck in the middle of Grout Bay was gone. I’ll miss it…not! Good thing that I took the snap yesterday before heading out. Sorry but I don’t have the dirt on the whole situation but if you see Captain John ask him as he always seems to know the dirt.

My camera batteries went dead or I would have shot the fiasco of road work down by Snow Valley…but that is another story. Just be aware that there is a delay coming up and going down the hill.

One of the more interesting conversations I’ve had over the lousy restaurant scenario was with a restaurateur who has been in the food industry for about as long as I’ve been in mine (30 plus years).

His comment was that more and more non-restaurant types and non-chefs are entering into the restaurant industry. Franchises and the desire to own a business seems to have motivated changes in the food industry. He told me that today the trend is to buy pretty much everything ready made. No longer are sauces being made from scratch–but rather from powdered mixes or completely packaged. The same can be said of some of the specialty dishes.

Wow, here I thought it was just lousy cooks! It appears that there is a mass production reason for the marginal food–and why we keep running into it.

So this is good reason to support the small mom and pop places–and probably why I prefer those when I travel. My favorite places are the third generation managed restaurants of my home town and other areas.

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