Unneighborly Email–But Ain’t My Neighbor

I got this email:

After reading your (rather un-neighborly)July 12th “Code Enforcement” news article, I am disgusted and think it is imperative that an author sign her/his name – especially after such liable comments. Fess up who you are, or are you ashamed of your own frosty body parts? With the author’s chilling personality, I bet she/he had no problem “frosting the window” in the dead of summer!

Honey, may I suggest as a 47-year resident of the ‘hood’, you should “change your channel.” Simply change to another station, rated ‘F’ for friendly to change your neighborly ‘tude!

You have plenty of other “free-to-air” views over the beautiful lake and forest.

Keep your Flyer resourceful, respectful and non-liable.

BTW This guy signed his name but needs to know if you really want to be visible don’t email me just post your comment below where it says “comment.”

And I just _have_ to ask–are you up to something yourself? Heh, heh, heh.

Anyway Mr. Email Guy, I’d suggest you review the law regarding what is liable and slander and read our first amendment issue–believe it or not you are not the first to “threaten” the Fawnskin Flyer–need I remind you we live in the United States of America where you can have free speech….ain’t it grand?

Also, I know the guy doesn’t have a permit because he really doesn’t. In case you don’t know, all that information is public information readily available to anyone.

Finally, I just have to say you don’t have any history on this issue but let me share that I consider it unneighborly when neighbors steal utilities, don’t adhere to dust control regulations, and break gas lines because they are not following the rules, trespass and tear up the terrain (and who know what the dog does)–and other violations–and pretty darn neighborly that the neighbor you have inconvenienced on those matters doesn’t turn you in or get you cited but just airs the complaints online.

My advice? Don’t visit this site anymore and go vent your views in your own forum.

On that note, I have to say I am happy that my neighbor has been working on a barrier fence. I just hope he also extends it around the corner so the visibility from my deck is obscured–thank goodness for small favors.

I guess I am spoiled after living in small towns in wilderness areas for more than half my life!

Other Stuff
Yes, I am still going to write up the Fawn Park news…just need to get a few snaps.

Did anyone get to Nancy’s CD party? I was at the Food for Life class. The good news is that Sol Foods Market wants to do it again and Cobi Kim said she would be happy to drive up from Los Angeles to do it!

Tonight at 6:00pm at Bear Valley Pet & Animal Supply is a free introduction to pet parenting class.

Seda Demo Days July 21st
This weekend North Shore Trading Company will be hosting the annual Seda Kayak Demo Day but I wasn’t given any times. This year the creek is non-existence so I am not sure where they will be launching. If you ever wanted to try out a kayak–this is the time to do it. The activity is very fun and you get to test drive many of their models.

Running Springs News
Also, for those of you New Age types, the Enchanted Crystal in Running Springs will be hosting a Psychic Fair on Saturday. We went down last year for the Psychic Car Wash…good marketing job with specials on their extensive merchandise and fun activities for all types.

On July 24, 2007 Botanica West is hosting a Kitchen Doctor seminar. This is a course designed to help you find 1st Aid items right from your kitchen. Remember that old bee sting remedy (Adolph’s or McCormicks meat tenderizer)? Well, there is a scientific basis behind it. They have a website at http://www.botanicawest.com so go check it out.

The merchants down in RS said to invite you all to the Mountain Top Days scheduled for August 3 & 4, 2007. Zenna said she will have lemonade and lemon cookies out for Big Bear visitors who drop down for the parade.

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