Water Wars

I’ve been looking at the sailboat that is stranded in Grout Bay for days now. It appears to have run aground in the middle of the bay which has been evaporating rapidly before my eyes.

I can see the water recede daily and fear that I will soon be able to amble across the lake bed over here instead of kayaking like last year.

Have you noticed how the lake is receding valley wide? The lake water is receding further and further away from the road and shoreline…not a good sign but then we didn’t really think that we were over the drought yet–did we?

Unfortunately we have some people around here who are in denial. Sunday breakfast with a bunch of locals revealed that we are in the worst drought since 1924 and that people don’t care.

One party hostess proudly said that she was told she was limited to how much grass she could plant…she did what she wanted anyway stating, “I’ll use as much water as I please.”

Isn’t that nice…

Amidst the water restrictions surrounding the holiday, people were still washing down their driveways and exteriors despite the radio and other announcements commenting on the serious condition of the forest and the need to conserve for fire fighting purposes.

My house is still splattered with those sticky cobwebs and looks like hell but my neighbors–well they all cleaned up. Most are from down the hill or recent transplants and most don’t seem to care. I chatted with one neighbor and they simply didn’t know.

The big problem around here is not just attitude (Who the heck needs a lawn in the mountains–or the desert for that matter?) but also the fact that enforcement is a joke.

I find it frustrating when I see an open fire across the way that the appropriate offices are closed when I call to report it. Or that someone decides to build without a permit and encroaches without any consequences.

My answer? Don’t have one. Maybe we need a citizen’s vigilante water group. Instead of hoods we can wear Fawnskin University hats (the ones with “FU” on them) and flannel shirts with work boots–but then it is too hot for such attire.

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4 Responses to “Water Wars

  • 1
    July 9th, 2007 21:21

    Fire and Water don’t mix. But the part-timers and regulars insist on doing both.
    Weekenders couldn’t resist buying a fire pit somewhere up here and sitting on the deck at night with it ablazing! But even the live-here-all-the-time people insist on keeping acres of green grass,for the ‘grandkids’, because it looks nice, etc. And they don’t seem to care the rest of us are doing without lawns because we didn’t have a winter.
    I get so mad when these people snub their noses at the rest of us rationers.
    But then to top it off the **B on my street insisted on flying an American flag upside down on the 4th. His ‘political statement.’ He probably won’t even notice it is gone when he comes back again.

  • 2
    July 10th, 2007 10:11

    Your efforts to “save” water is commendable. Unfortunately your good intentions are not going to lead to any reward for you. The water conservation propaganda up here is not about saving you anything but instead is purposed to keeping the developers in business. None of the water you “saved” is going to be on hand when the supply gets really low. New construction continues unabated and what do you think is going to happen when all those new residents and tourists show up and turn on the tap? Start asking questions: If you are “saving” water, then where is it?

  • 3
    July 10th, 2007 10:29

    So, what do you think of the new guy in charge of the building department–anyone meet him yet?

    Maybe we should storm his office and introduce ourselves…

  • 4
    July 11th, 2007 15:04

    Haven’t met him, but I already know him. He, like all building department shills are here to make sure the ‘right’ people get what they want. Who is that? Well, who runs the city and planning department? Developers and real estate agents.