Big Bear Classic Cars & Other Stuff

Above: Law & Order comes to Fawnskin & the Big Bear Valley Courtesy of Rick Fromm

While others flocked to view the classic cars and to participate in the Ren Faire, I managed to get a lot of work in yesterday after an amble into town. It always cracks me up that a 20 minute walk always turns into a couple of hours since you meet up with neighbors.

After shipping out some items at the post office, I joined Andy and the crew at Fawnskin Realty for some tea and a chat. Don and Claudia just got back from England, he had lots to say but stressed, “There is no place like home.”

Down the street my favorite neighborhood pals have started on their wood cutting and I caught up with one of my friends noting the fact that fall is fast approaching.

My neighbors and I didn’t make it to the Moose Lodge for the best viewing of the fun run around the lake but we had great views from our decks and most of the classic car drivers waved since they received cheers from the balcony.

I liked the fact that my neighbors daughter did raspberries at the contemporary cars that seemed to join in the drive. We could see the cars slowly moving along from the other side of Grout Bay–it was the longest run I can remember since I’ve been here.

We watched as one truck stalled and pulled over…and cheered when they finally got going again. Sometimes the air mix seems to get messed up at high altitude.

Anyway, this commentary was sent in my my roving correspondent 😉

The 2007 edition of the Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club Fun Run was there largest gathering ever. With 500 entrants (up from 400 in the past few years) there were many, many new entrants.

I must confess that after viewing about 317 of the cars they all began to blend together. Flames were big this year. Variations on copper colored paint were prevalent. And the paint…..spectacular….some of the cars were way on the other side of outstanding…..’Course there was tons of muscle and chrome……

It’s impossible to pick the “best in show,” but my favorite was the blue ’41 Ford pickup. The picture doesn’t do it much justice; it was a killer machine.

I went with my bud, Jack, a Vette jockey of local renown. He was quick to point out every nuance of every model year with great enthusiasm. His running commentary was incredibly interesting. Also saw some old friends from the Burbank Road Kings, who were out in force.

There’s something about the rumble and roar…

Take a gander at more photos from the Big Bear Classic Car Show here

We thought we would partake of Kevin’s chicken dinner at the Moose Lodge but when I called at 6:00pm they were already sold out! Figures, so I ended up cooking. I just hate to fire up the oven when it is so warm but at least we are getting slight breezes in this cooler weather.

BTW: It looks like the new property owner showed up and chatted with the trespassers, who were allowed to stay until after the fun run. They packed up and headed out–so last night was blissfully quiet.

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