Cabazon Dinosaurs

Other than the telephone post, I thought I got a pretty good snapshot of these roadside attractions in Cabazon. If you have traveled on the I-10 in California you probably have seen them, or if not, they have been filmed a number of times.

The dinosaur construction began in the 1960’s by Claude Bell, who ran the Old Wheel Inn. They were an attraction designed to draw people off the highway and into his establishment. Claude did a lot of work for Knott’s Berry Farm but died before his total project was complete in Cabazon.

Above: Welcome to the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs.

Above: One big dinosaur–an apatosaurus aka brontosaurus

Above: Okay, WHO put that light there and why?!

Above: Here kitty, kitty…tyrannosaurus

Above: I am just not up to speed on my dinosaurs–are you?

The once small museum is disappointing as it is now a store that sells gifts and dinosaur related items. Today the place is more oriented to the intelligent design theory rather than on the natural selection and evolutionary theory but I managed to find a few items that were older and interesting.

Above & Below: Some of the old art in the hallway.

Cabazon Dinosaurs at Wikipedia.

Dinosaurs galore–lots of links and cool photos.

Official Website of Cabazon Dinosaurs

Sites with pics and other info about Cabazon Dinos:

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