Fawn Park & Miller Park in the News

Okay, here is the link to the Big Bear Grizzly article on Fawn Park.

Those who are actually in the know about the issues surrounding the park feel that the Grizzly is downplaying the whole thing and giving Marty a soapbox to stand on.

Big surprise there–all previous articles in the Griz have been favorable. Even more interesting is that my understanding was that the reporter on site at the meeting was not Judi Bowers–but the article has her byline.

The behavior of Fawnskin leadership was something that has been a growing issue and reflects poorly on the whole town. Granted, all positions are voluntary but this behavior has not been dealt with.

Leaders and representatives of the town are the only impressions people have and this last meeting reflects poorly on the town in general.

Also, IMHO engaging Marty only feeds the frenzy…

There were also two articles on Miller Park and another about the fact that Miller Park is one of the oldest public facilities in the Big Bear Valley.

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3 Responses to “Fawn Park & Miller Park in the News

  • 1
    August 3rd, 2007 12:06

    My feeling is that the park should be renamed Marty’s Park, and then the fine folks of Fawnskin can disassociate themselves from all controversy, allowing Marty to continue storing his kitsch on the property without any fuss.

  • 2
    August 3rd, 2007 15:20

    It seems to me that the owners of the park initially opened it under the concept that they could keep the land from being commercially developed and at the same time create a park that could be used by the community as is indicated by the stage and work out stations. This is what I believe was “advertised”, so to speak, to the community and why so many donated to the cause.

    However, at some point, based on the news segments that I have seen, the concept of the park morphed from “community park” for everyone to use and enjoy, to “9/11 memorial” for everyone to admire, view and ultimately stay away from as though it were a display in a museum that is to be protected. Maybe this transformation took place when they finally received a piece of the World Trade Center that they petitioned for but never thought that they would actually receive.

    Whatever their concept for the park is, they should make it clear to the public and do whatever it takes to preserve this small piece Fawnskin. I agree with the comments made by Robert that states the hope that Marty and Shirley will rise above the pettiness and come up with a solution to the problem.

  • 3
    August 7th, 2007 18:53

    What about it, Marty and Shirley? What will be the fate of Fawn Park? …community park or…? I am hoping and praying that you will decide to make it an open park for the use of the people of Fawnskin and their visitors.