Here kitty, kitty…

You know I am always amazed at how many people want to see a wild animal with no real idea about what type of danger goes along with it. The above photo is from a Press Enterprise article discussing the possibility of the Wildlife Waystation move to Palm Springs.

I thought the picture was a good one–cougars are not amiable to strangers and I think this cougar rescue storystory is full of bravado–guessing that the 70 pound cat was young or sick.

Anyway, you can read the cougar safety tips in the 2005 archive.

In other news, I did not venture out for the Old Miners Parade–think our Doo Dah is more fun and entertaining than navigating the traffic.

I am so happy about the cooler weather…yippee! What about you? Just need some rain, rain, rain.

BTW–hello neighbor Steve–I saw your car–seems like all the neighbors were up this last week.

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