More Trespassing in Fawnskin

Ya know I have more to do than be irritated by loud trespassers on my neighbor’s property. It makes me wonder if being a hermit is a bad choice

The reason the actions get on my nerves is that I work from home and gaze out my window while working so the noise and unsightliness disturbs my peace.

The people who tend to trespass think nothing about making noise all hours of the day and night. In this case, unlike the 2:00am trespassers, the loud noise of their diesel and blaring radio can be drowned out by my music of choice and closing all my windows.

But why should I have to make concessions to accommodate their bad behavior?

Anyway, this guy and gal decided that the cleared property would be a good place to park their Prowler. I gave the property owner a call this time–and no, the trespassers do NOT have permission to camp there.

The blasting of their loud (and bad) country music (and I happen to like a lot of country music) is not just disturbing to locals but also the wildlife and seems counter intuitive to an escape into the mountains.

When I used to head out for adventures in the wilderness I never took a radio and kept my disturbances to a minimum–never mind that I also used approved facilities for camping. Makes me wonder about the upcoming weekend.

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