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The good news is no campers…the bad news is that the Prowler is still parked there. Hmm, wonder what that means. When I talked to the liaison for the property owner she mentioned working on permits. Guess that means more building. Yuck.

Funny, down in Angeles Oaks they won’t let you wash cars and you can only water for 15 minutes. Over in Arrowhead, there are official “No Smoking” road signs because of the fire danger.

Also, I have heard of other restrictions off the mountain so I am wondering why around these parts things seem to be moving forward as if there is nothing to worry about.

Granted, some of the valley got hammered by rain and hail but I didn’t get much here and it certainly isn’t addressing the water problem.

Anyway, I am still slammed and tomorrow will be yet another trip down the hill this week…so if you have any news, help me out and let me know!

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