North Shore Tavern and Trespassers

Just to let you know, the NS Tavern closed escrow last week. I have heard two different accounts about who purchased it…but the two lots that have been cleared are allegedly residential.

The NS Tavern sold for under 400,000 and Dottie put at least an additional 300,000 into the new place according to my sources–which is a pretty hefty loss–and probably bad for any other business owners wanting to sell around these parts.

The sheriff did come out on the trespassers, the report was they were not drunk and they were not asked to move. Check this out, because the property owner did not call they are not making them move despite the fact that there are two campgrounds within a short distance and there are no toileting areas or anything else on that property.

So, since escrow just closed I doubt the property owners are aware of the issue. this means that they won’t call and so the trespassers will be allowed to camp on someone’s private property. My neighbors woke up from the noise too.

FYI: The campers allegedly told the sheriff that they had permission to be on the property which just closed escrow. Hmmm, so they arrived at 2:00am with permission? Many of us look out for our part-time neighbors and don’t have any written documents to prove it–so I take this to mean that when someone decides to camp in your back yard (or front yard) it will be okay unless YOU call to report it.

Geezzuhs…Reminds me of the neighbor who lied to the guys who were to remove the portable toilet from this property–he said he had permission to have it there too.

BTW: I have pictures of the plates on the vehicles for the new owners in case human fecal matter and trash are left on the property…

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