Trespassing in Fawnskin & Classic Cars

Nighttime is blissfully quiet here in Fawnskin–but at 2:15am drunk and disorderly visitors woke me from a dead sleep as they attempted to put up their tent on private property (above). Wonder if they are here for the Ren Faire…if so, I am not impressed. It might have been amusing to watch at any other time but not at 2:15 in the morning out of a dead sleep.

Although I did call the sheriff, it didn’t appear to do any good. I’ve heard that sometimes they don’t show up at all–but in the past they have come pretty quickly. So I’d like to think that an officer did make the commute out, found them nestled into their tent, and surmised that it was better to have them off the road in a tent than out on the highway drunk.

Fortunately, I have ear plugs and after losing about an hour and a half of sleep finally was able to enter into dreamland again.

Many locals say that people’s brains shut off at the dam. I still think it is the oxygen deficit. The trespassing issue seems to get worse and worse.

You probably won’t recognize the private piece of property as it has been recently cleared for development. Last week it was habitat and part of a wildlife corridor to the lake. Today, well you can see the dirt. *sigh*

Anyway, the property is part of Dottie’s estate (along with the North Shore Tavern) and I have heard that it is being subdivided after her death–but fortunately is zoned commercial–we hope.

Obviously Ron & Gary are not moving into the restaurant as he told me they were–there is a nice sign advertising that the place is open for rental. Locals were having fun with images of what the beef, beans, and beer would actually do…

Above: Classic Car Club Entry from 2007 courtesy of Rick Fromm

In other news, I arrived back fairly late on Thursday to see that the annual fun run and classic car show was in town. Five hundred cars are allowed entry and this year it was filled up in a couple of days–turning away a ton of cars.

Anyway, it was really busy in town yesterday and I doubt I’ll venture over this weekend because I hate dealing with the traffic and crowds. The good news is that the cars usually tour around the lake around 4pm and many of us wait down at the Moose Lodge 2085 cheering them on and getting a good eye full.

For those of you who know I went down the hill, below is a reminder of why we prefer living up here. In case you don’t know what you are looking at–it is the smog line:

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