12th Annual Run for the Grizzlies

Next Saturday is the 12th Annual Run for the Grizzlies fundraiser for the Moonridge Animal Park. Back in 1995 a family of three Grizzly Bears were rescued and brought to Big Bear.

The Inland Empire Chapter of Harley Davidson Owners was instrumental in helping with raising funds to bring and care for the Grizzlies. In appreciation, the Chapter was asked to name the male cub, and guess what? They named him, “Harley.” Read more about the bears’ history here.

The annual biker run is now a long tradition. Harley Davidson owners meet at Chad’s Place in Big Bear Lake Village at 9:30am to kick off the event.

Above: Run for the Grizzlies attracts a large number of Harley Davidson owners and other bikers.

The topic came up last night when we had dinner with local artisan and photographer, Greg Zook. I knew he had a long history of illustration with Harley Davidson but only just found out that he is also focusing on Harley’s through his unique photography. Although he does weddings and other such events, Zook’s unique area of specialty photography seems to have a unique niche in the biker community.

He has been shooting at the bike accessory shop on Big Bear Blvd and I hope he gets the opportunity to snap some of the bikers when they are up here. Did I mention he has an unbelievably beautiful Harley himself? ‘

Anyway, I asked him to send me some samples of his recent photos (below) but you can see more in his slide show gallery at Zook Photography.

Above: Greg Zook says he takes photos to tell a story and strives to convey the unique spirit of the people in them.

Above: Bikers during a mountain ride.

Above: Local biker is often seen with his Dachshund in Doggles.

Above: Greg Zook gets out of the studio and into the life of his subjects.

Finally, I just have to brag…Greg forgot to tell me that his work was recently featured in Coast Magazine and he is currently featured in several galleries including the Salon deCarion in Laguna, California

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One Response to “12th Annual Run for the Grizzlies

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    September 4th, 2007 09:50

    Your best post in a while! Fun and positive! Used to know Greg in the O.C. and he’s a heck of a nice guy. Hope you will post more about the Zoo event to bring out a good crowd.