Butler Fire II: GG’s Musings at 4:00pm (9/15/07 Five hours since evacuation from Fawnskin.)

Above: 9/15/07 map doesn’t make me happy…View at California Wildfire Information: Red is active burn; Yellow last 12 hours; Black last 24 hours.

The good news is that the wind has decreased drastically. I am hoping for the best when the fire lays down tonight. Too close for comfort…needless to say I am NOT getting much work done. I am listening to an audio class in between the scanner which has increased its capacity–TY2U.

Getting calls from all my framily (friends that are family) with offers to come on over or down the hill. Traffic is dismal across the valley and going down the hill according to various sources but I am going to sit tight. If the worst happens I wonder what I will decide to do–pitch a tent?


My pal and I were discussing living in the mountains. We don’t have much crime (did you hear about the would be looter off Fawnskin Drive?) but we do live adjacent to the forest which means we are at risk of wildfires. Also earthquakes–remember the “shake n’ bake” jokes?

Anyway, if you got to pick your natural disasters what would you choose? Our choice has been to live in paradise and hope for the best. I wouldn’t want to deal with hurricanes or tornadoes–and we sure have been lucky.

Keep positive thoughts I know a lot of people are praying for our little town of Fawnskin.

On an entirely different note…how about those poor little figures in Fawn Park. I drove by and saw the pirate after my last report when I spied him hanging out with a bunch of landlubbers on the South Shore. Although most people would say that there is just another figure (and probably a run on them to raise funds for Fawn Park) in the valley, I KNOW that those little guys just got lonely and tired of being restricted to the confines of Fawn Park…and are beginning to sneak out.

Being a pirate (which by the way, leads me to the question–what is a pirate doing in a memorial park?) the guy had to jump ship and head for better shores. Guess he missed the water…but he did sneak back into the park by morning…is he afraid of getting into trouble?


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