Butler Fire II: In the News

The Press Enterprise printed this article today. I wish the media would get my name right–I have to say that PE did better than most (hate being called Diane). Anyway, the quote below mine isn’t from me–not sure if it is the guy they talked who is listed below.

CNN aired something that has a few people worried and upset. I didn’t see it because I know that it is best not to get my news from the television media. One of the headlines about the recent fires combines the totals of all of them to make it more sensational–not something I appreciate as a Fawnskin resident who has been evacuated.

In the LA Times they got the number of residents WAY wrong (since when do less than 300 residents mean over 1,000?) but Barbara is still dishing out food.

I enjoyed this PE Story and it figures that Dean is holding out. He was swearing that he would stay and hose down his house during the next fire. Hey, Dean you can help me with a story when I get back.

I also liked this PE story (they all have video links) with the history of fire in the area. Not sure if there were 30-40 people who stayed but that statement is disturbing if they don’t know the exact number.

Marty and Shirley were in the news…with a report that the fire was a mere 100 yards away. My question, did you guys get those poor ol’ figures out of the park? Wonder if the place is closed to the firemen–what do you think?

Animal rescue features Tanya

Today I had a chat with my brother today and asked about what might be going on based on the meeting. He said that when new command comes in usually you will hear what the plans are in 24-48 hours. The incident was turned over this am so expect to hear something down the road.

My take is that so many heads of so many departments is a political nightmare–the Moonridge Zoo is facing some of the same challenges in that they are having to deal with multiple agencies.

Still, we appreciate that they are all professionals and look forward to more info and planning…and UPDATED MAPS!

On the scanner today–amusing banter about toileting and outhouse issues. On the scanner a few minutes ago–air pilot has a rough landing but is okay.

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