Butler Fire II: When Scanner Talks Structures It Gives Me A Stomach Ache

Okay, I was okay after eating the chips and home-made guacamole UNTIL I heard the fire fighters discussing protecting some of the structures. Just what structures I don’t know but a large structure with a green roof sent a couple of images from the neighborhood to me.

When you know that your neighbors homes or businesses are in danger it–well, it made me feel sick. My home isn’t too far away either. We are a tight community–even though the sign says 380 or so I believe the full-time residents number half of that.

Every month we get together for a potluck, we visit each others homes, we have coffee together, we fight, we make-up…we really know each other…

I hope we get a break in the wind and the fire…it is almost time to head out for the community meeting.

I heard a lot of people are praying for Fawnskin–keep praying and pray for the firefighters, too. How about those of you who have been so good with those rain dances? Start dancin’…

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One Response to “Butler Fire II: When Scanner Talks Structures It Gives Me A Stomach Ache

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    September 16th, 2007 19:56


    My wife and I read your blog all the time, fire or not, since we are part-timers in Fawnskin. However, we are also worried about the community and our beloved cabin in Fawnskin and wanted to thank you for the effort you put into maintaining your blog. During the fire, we actually visit your site first for information rather than the radio web-site or any official sites. Thank you so much, keep up the good work, and let’s hope there is something to come back to…Thomas and Tricia, Manhattan Beach.
    P.S.: I think we are some of the very many anonymous people your site, but never leaving comments. We have been guilty of that as well.