Butler Fire II

Above: Butler Fire II courtesy of So Cal Mountains

You know, there seems to be a direct correlation between my scheduling work at home and these fires…(never mind the dirty laundry piles). Most of my important stuff is packed and ready to go but this fire is very disturbing with the winds. Funny how we were talking about that over lunch–with a firefighter no less.

Maybe if I get the laundry done and say that I won’t work at home it will mean that the crews will get the fire under control. 😉

Word on the street is the fire is moving East–but KBHR says North so I hope that is correct. North is good–away from the valley. Hanna Flats and Camp Whittle have been evacuated–and that is pretty close.

I WAS going to plug the Wooden Boat Show and the International Film Festival up here this weekend but that seems to be a little silly at the moment.

I can’t see the flames and smoke from my window like the last fire so it is a little bit less disturbing…until I go outside. I hope you took my last posts to heart and have your things together (at the very least) in case of evacuation.

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