Butler Fire Manditory Evacuation for Fawnskin

Well, this time it took me seven minutes to get out and leave a note that the property has been vacated for the firefighters. In case you have not heard, Fawnskin and North Shore Drive through to the Discovery Center has been issued a manditory evacuation effective shortly before 11AM.

My room on the East Side of the valley was still ready for me…so here I am. Figure I’d head this way since a evacuation center has been set up at the Big Bear High School and I certainly don’t want to mess with that traffic.

Lots of people are still coming into the valley off HWY 38 so unless they close the area off to entry things are optimistic.

I’ve left my things in the vehicle in case I decide to leave for my out of the area evac spot at any rate. Anyway, I was on the phone when I thought I heard about the evacuation on the scanner…yep. I hadn’t packed the clothes but just tossed some things into the bag.

Last I heard the fire was really close to Camp Whittle. The wind shifted a bit and I believe that might be the issue. Parts of Lucerne have been asked for voluntary evac.

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One Response to “Butler Fire Manditory Evacuation for Fawnskin

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    September 15th, 2007 11:51

    SB Sheriff’s Dept–I just picked up my messages. The emergency phone call to evacuate came at 12:30pm. Over 1.5 hours after I left…is that good? Did anyone else get the call?