California Dubbed "Shake N’ Bake"

Above: Photo showing how the rain assisted fire fighters courtesy of KBHR. KBHR has been on the scene of the Butler Fire and reports are updated frequently.

Due to the recent fires and earthquakes, some have been calling California the “shake n’ bake” state. Guess you have to have a sense of humor…

Inci web reported that the Butler Fire is 45% contained as of last night and only about 85 acres but the So Cal Mountains site reports 50% containment and 145 acres burned. Local news has not been updated at this time.

We got hit with some torrential downpours yesterday afternoon in the West end of the valley (finally) which help considerably with the fire. Air attack was temporarily suspended due to safety concerns in the thunder and lightening.

All I can saw is that this valley has a guardian angel. Anyone remember the cold front and precip that hit when the last fire was raging toward us?

Anyway, life went on as usual yesterday. Last night I headed over to view the independent film, The Waitress. It was delightful. Vern is bringing up independent films for a short time to see how they do. Many people have requested them so get out and view them so we can have more. The other movie selections didn’t impress me much. (We had already seen the last in the Bourne series.)

I am supposed to go boating today but that is contingent on the weather. My pals sensibly don’t want to act as lightening rods out on the lake…and, as usual, there is a lot of work to do at the homestead office.

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