Cowboys & Pirates

Well, other than my am amble, today has been pretty unproductive. I’ve been nesting…ironing, laundry, dishes, clearing the fridge–those fruits and veggies did not last through the evacuation–yuck.

Tonight I figure I should get out and see some of my neighbors at the pirate party down at the Moose Lodge 2085. I might feel a bit more grounded–although the walk this morning did more for my moral than anything else.

Usually I enjoy going to the Cowboy Poetry Festival which is happening through tomorrow, in the past it has been one of my favorite events of the year but I am going to pass on it this year. Not only am I behind on work and other projects, I am not feeling too social.

The rain has been a nice change and not too heavy over on this end but we shall see. Looked like we got some ice for a while, too.

I chatted with Mike (aka Ayman) at the Fawnskin Market this morning, he was swamped with business from all the fire fighters and also the locals who have returned. He asked me to help him locate the news video featuring Dean and Mike which you can view–I had a problem with Fire Fox but use another browser and you can access it.

Did you notice how many times we make the national news around here–unfortunately the stories have not been the most uplifting but we are a hot bed of breaking news! (Hmm, no pun intended.)

I took a few snaps around town but not all came out. The Gold Pan was closed today but had a nice TY to the fire fighters posted out front. I forget if it was So Cal Mountains or Rim of the World dot net–but they are asking for a list of all the places that contributed food and other items to the fire fighters.

The wind is blowing still–when I was up in Hanna Flats the wind was keeping several areas smoldering more than I liked but at least we had rain, rain, rain.

The Osprey kept me amused today as they busily hunted above Grout Bay. I found some coyote scat on the trails this am and imagine that the local wildlife has redistributed and I wonder if I am going to hear my evening pals making a ruckus this evening.

If you have a story you want to post here about your experiences or something related to the evacuation and recovery, feel free to send them in via the contact link–or you can post in the comments.

To the nasty person who commented, you need to learn how to read. My suggestion to you? Get lost and get a life.

Okay, I am off to make myself presentable-don’t have any pirate or wench wear but we are heading down for frivolity anyway…mainly to see my neighbors.

I have some news from around the valley but you are going to have to wait for it.

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