Deserted Desert

Some of you know that I have been down the hill a lot for testing and other related stuff. The regular appointment down the hill canceled due to the road closure and when I woke up feeling really bad yesterday, I decided to hit the spa, it was a good decision.

The nice thing about going someplace right after a holiday is that most tourist meccas are deserted then.This proved to be true and about twenty of us adults enjoyed the nice moderate temperature of 117 degrees. The heat doesn’t feel too bad when you are in and out of the pools and sauna but when you come out of the locker room–yikes!

I tend to frequent the old Desert Hot Springs spa because of the eclectic mix of people. Never mind that my family used to take me there when I was a young kid. When you go on a regular basis you get to know all the locals and have a few more entertaining exchanges than you might otherwise.

Recently, I have been befriended by a guy who is a retired Navy man. He chatters away about his life and his love for his wife of 48 years–who I also met. Anyway, he has a pretty good memory because when he starts a story and doesn’t finish, he simply picks up where he left off the next time I run into him.

Yesterday, his wife said he doesn’t chat at all outside of the spa. I told her I didn’t believe it because nobody can get a word in when he is talking at the spa but they both say it is true. I’ve learned about his kids, where he has lived, trips they have taken, and some of the career adventures they have shared.

At the moment they are spending time traveling all over the world but actually have a place in DHS. It reminded me that I have not traveled abroad for quite some time. This month my big adventure is a industry event in Las Vegas–not my favorite. Seems like I am in the desert a whole lot these days.

There is another family that drives down from Los Angeles. The parents are from Japan and I have no idea how old they actually are. They move from pool to pool supervised by their son who brings them faithfully.

Last week they joined the discussion regarding the Thursday night Villagefest on Palm Canyon Drive. The road is closed from 6pm until 10pm for a farmers market, artisans faire, local restaurant tastings, live music and other related activities. I have yet to make it but all my writing buddies that live in the area say it is a great time.

Anyway, passing Paradise on my way down the hill my thoughts traveled to Pan Hot Springs. I heard murmurings about recent activity surrounding Pan Hot Springs but lost the guy’s name and number in the computer death…I know he reads the Fawnskin Flyer so drop me a line again and let me know what the scoop is…and maybe save me a trip to the desert!

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One Response to “Deserted Desert

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    Ray Bowling
    September 5th, 2007 18:46

    Hello G.G. Yes, I am a faithful reader of the Flyer and I enjoy your various musing very much. I am glad that you thought about Pan Hot Springs, and that you had heard some murmuring about the springs.
    So FYI:
    1. Through a strictly (up to now ) word of mouth experiment, I am letting locals (only) come swim in the two pools on the weekend 10am to 6pm for free.
    2.I am on track to open the pools for business next spring/summer.
    I have construction monies in hand and have received our first round of approval for upgrading utilites for sewers and water, including fire protection.
    3. We are in design phase with our architect and a top consultant for a ground breaking chemical free pure mineral spring water pools.