Early Morning in Fawnskin

At least the temperatures have warmed up a little, it is down right hot over here at 36 degrees! I’ve been worried that it was time to drain the outside watering system almost a month earlier than normal. Still pondering that issue.

Some of my pals in the desert told me that the critters returned to their winter dens weeks ago. Could this mean that we are in for an early winter? There are so many local stories about predicting the weather–heavier coats and tails in the squirrels, more wildlife food storage, etc. I imagine you have your own…feel free to include them below in the comments area.

Today I have to do the marathon trip down the hill and my truck is going in for work (was planned for last week but somehow the evacuation got in the way). How is it that my registration keeps going up as the years pass? Can someone explain that?

My down-the-hill appointment was moved unexpectedly so I won’t do some of the things I like to do because of it BUT the business made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and so off I go.

Speaking of commuting, Dennis of JJJ fame took a couple of days off and he is open again. The scuttlebutt from two sources is that yes, Gene and Betty will be operating JJJ sometime in late November. There is a bunch more dirt but I am not gonna print it. I am sure you’ll hear it anyway. This town never ceases to amaze with the grapevine…nothing seems to be a secret.

BTW: My coyote pals were back in force last night–has been quiet without them and it is a bit reassuring to me that they are back.

One of my buddies said she hiked up to Gray’s Peak and was pretty amazed at the burn. I still have not made that hike yet nor have I gone over on the backside by Butler Peak.

Yesterday was the first day I actually got any real work done since the evac and I am going to have to work hard to catch up now.

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One Response to “Early Morning in Fawnskin

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    September 26th, 2007 07:54

    It is true that a squirrels fur coat gets thicker depending on the weather and in anticipation of a deep winter.

    Also, as we’ve all seen, squirrels spend most of their summer hiding pinion nuts for later consumption. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t ‘remember’ where each nut is hidden but have to search around and locate, mostly through scent, their winter food supply. If a hard winter is approaching the cold air makes sniffing out their food stash more difficult and they may not locate all the nuts that they stored away.

    So now you know, when their fur coats get too long and the squirrels have a hard time finding their nuts it’s going to be a long cold winter.