Fawn Park Saga Continues (Yawn)

If you want to know the truth, I am pretty bored with the whole Fawn Park saga, so wouldn’t you know that it came up in conversation again this weekend.

It reminds me of a virus that lays dormant for a while and then resurfaces.

There we were, happy about Andi’s new fountain when someone mentioned that “our” park also had a new fountain.


We were right across the street from Old Miller Park–so we of course thought that some capital improvement we didn’t know about happened. Wouldn’t it just be like the park district to do something so silly?

Anyway, “our” park was met with sniggers and gasps of disbelief when the neighbor corrected our assumptions and said, “You know, Fawn Park.”


It was a miracle none of us fainted.

Fawn Park is NOT “our” park in the eyes of many residents because it has remained closed to absolutely everyone officially for over a year.

But in my attempts to be a good gossip girl, I eventually meandered over to see what the fuss was all about.

Nice tractor wouldn’t you say? The now infamous “Sorry, Park Closed Today” fence bars were turned around and one entry was open–probably so the work crew could get the tractor into the off limits park. So, I took a deep breath and ventured in…

“SNAP” went the camera for this view of what I would call a waterfall–not a fountain…

and another view of the “Memorial Water Works.”

Do you think this is really an amusement park for the squirrels? I bet it is. They will have a great time with these rapids. Just think, it is just in time for the early freeze!

That is really good thinking since they might like to slide down the ice since winter will freeze most water around these parts.

And honest to God everyone knows that the park really needed more stuff in it as it is so empty!

You know the half acre parcel only has the senior workout stations, a stage, pathways, fire engine, six movie prop guys, benches (for when the crowds are allowed access), dog toilet station, horseshoe pit, piece of the Twin Towers, a flag, nice fake flowers, and that nice little Fawn.

Now that I think of it, maybe it is not a squirrel amusement park after all–I bet the new efforts are to provide some solace for the lonely movie prop guys.

Wonder if they collected new funds, last I heard it the new amount needed was an additional $40,000. Many locals were upset from all the statments they heard made in the national media.

Others wonder about how a few additions (such as the pirate and workout stations) fit into a memorial park.

Finally, the big question is if the town is going to hear once again how nobody sent money to the park, that by the way, still remains off limits to residents and visitors to Fawnskin.

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One Response to “Fawn Park Saga Continues (Yawn)

  • 1
    Krickie Gurrrl
    September 30th, 2007 10:13

    The junk that keeps collecting in this park remind me of a Hoarder’s Mentality. Ya know, people with OCD? I thin it is about time to call the men in little white coats.