Fawnskin: Hotbed of Activity

For some reason I have been forgetting to tell you about my most recent ambles through town. The big news is that the Buddhist Temple was finally covered with stucco and is almost done.

When I came back from the evacuation I noticed it–they had finished just before the fire. On Friday reminded them that they promised to invite me to the party! In case you didn’t read my previous posts…they make the best Thai food for miles. *snicker* (In case you don’t live around here–the nearest Thai restaurants are a 45 to 60 minute drive over the mountain to Lake Arrowhead or down the mountain to Redlands.)

Buck and Charlotte were hosting a dog party down the road on Navajo with Roxi and their pup, Jake (hope I remembered that right). The two dogs have a blast playing and running together for a good while in the afternoon. On Saturday he was really tuckered out an having a nice sunbath when I strolled by.

The couple have owned a place here in Fawnskin for five years and reside down the Huntington Beach when they are not relaxing up here. They happen to own one of my favorite cabins–the green one with the white shutters with the pine tree cutouts up the street from the fire station.

Anyway, we had a nice chat and they shared some of the snaps taken during the fire that other neighbors had given them. They were having a BBQ out on the deck–you could smell it from blocks away.

They also told me that they were supposed to buy another place across town but fell in love with the quiet atmosphere here in Fawnskin. They lead busy lives down the hill since they are self-employed and so look forward to coming up to get away from it all.

You probably already know that Mike rented a place and lives here full-time now. This is good because he works seven days a week at the Fawnskin Market. I got to catch up a little bit when I walked down to the market because I needed more chili powder–and of course he had it!

I don’t know about your experience there but Mike asks more questions than anyone I have ever met. Anyway, after giving him the whole spiel about the chili–I decided that I needed to take him over a bowl for lunch so I dropped off a container on my way to the Post Office.

Shortly after I ran into Ashley from Moonridge at Amangela’s. She works at Sol Foods Market and had brought her family visiting from Houston over to Fawnskin for a tasty meal. In case you have not been there in a while, the gals at Amangela’s got a new grinder and their espresso is just fine these days.

Prying myself away…I ran into another neighbor who I planned to visit later today. We strolled back home together, visiting other neighbors on the way back. Everyone seems to be up this weekend to check on their houses.

Above: Barbara’s House gets a new paint job!

Barbara’s house looks really good now. Remember I told you the kids were going to paint it? Well, they had rain that weekend and didn’t get to finish the job. However they finished painting and also paved the driveway so it looks really fresh and perky.

Just up the road we found Andi & Dennis busy landscaping because Andi found a really great fountain down the hill. It was a throw away…geez, we have become such a disposable society where people are too lazy to recycle? Anyway, Andi is cleaning up the monster fountain and it should look really great once it is in.

Next door RD is busy with some home improvement projects and across the street, Jerry missed his big birthday bash because of the evac so I am sure his immediate neighbors will torment him into celebrating somehow while he is here.

They have the wood pile ready to go–still working on the winter firewood project. I also saw the boat hooked up and it looks like they are heading out for a cruise.

Barb & Dave were heading out on their Harley this am. They chatted about the evac and how the Sheriff showed up just minutes after I evacuated. I don’t hesitate evacuating due to asthma.

Many of the other neighbors up higher stuck around and left only when they saw the flames on the ridge.

Usually I am up on all the activities on my neighborhood properties because I keep watch over most of them. However, yesterday when a contractor looking guy waved to me I didn’t think much of it. My other neighbor had a crew up working on their deck for a couple of weeks and that is pretty standard so I figured the other neighbor was up to the same thing.

What happened next was that some guests showed up in my next door neighbor’s place. When I called to see if they had company coming–the answer was no.

Turns out that the visitors were for the place next door whose parking area was blocked by the big white construction truck of the guy I saw–who turned out to be a squatter!

When I drove into town later, I noticed a mattress and towels etc., up on their deck which I hadn’t seen because I have not driven on the North Shore into town. So, if you see such odd things, take a look and call the sheriff if you have any doubts.

They should be gone from the place by now–if not they are in trouble. They know the owners but they did not have permission to camp there.

Back to Mike at the Fawnskin Market..
Mike’s family was visiting and recently headed out so he said that he was looking forward to losing a few pounds because his mom was keeping him well fed and he can no longer fit into a couple of his pairs of pants! Thought the chili would at least help him transition.

The Fawnskin Market has been busy and usually the place is steady with visitors, campers, a few locals, and some of the Shasta Trinity Hot Shots.

Hot Shots are interagency crews that have been called many things such as the “Green Berets of fire fighters.” They have to pass rigorous testing to obtain the Hot Shot designation and if you are curious, here is a list of some of the current Hot Shot crews.

A few people have been a little bit snotty that some of the businesses that have profited by the presence of the firemen in the valley. What firemen do is valuable and we really are grateful for what they have done here.

However, the local snots harping on the business owners need to remember that firefighting is a fireman’s job. They are _paid_ professionals not volunteers.

Many of the businesses and locals have sent in extra goodies and given some generous perks in appreciation for the firemen’s work. My point is: don’t forget firefighters have money to spend. That money is good for the businesses around here especially in the aftermath…we are happy that the firemen do spend those funds locally.

Another thing people also forget is that after any disaster there are repercussions on the local businesses and economy. Having two fires (one on a major holiday weekend) and highway closures creates hardship for many of the local businesses and residents.

My point is to get out and spend some moola locally–drop by Fawnskin for the day!

PS Party at the Moose so if you are a Moose Lodge member–potroast tonight at the Moose and a big breakfast by Kevin in tomorrow morning.

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