GG Muses Over Evacuation Disruption

Although I am happy and nestled in safely over here in the Shay Meadow area, it doesn’t make for a very productive or restful situation being moved out from your home.

I was on the phone but listening to the scanner when the first murmors about evacuation came through but one of the neighbors saw the flames above her home and then heard the PA from the helicopter telling her to get out. Fortunately a neighbor helped her by driving her second car out.

I saw that another neighbor was interviewed during the evacuation–he had guests visiting from Norway. I imagine they headed back down to their place in the desert.

Have you noticed that Fawnskin always seems to make the national news? Unfortunately it is not always the best type of stories…and remember that article where the Grizzly said that nothing ever happens around here? (Yep, I am NEVER going to leave that one alone.)

So, I miss my neighbors and may head over to the evac center to see who is around and if they know about the sports ranch option. Hoping that we can get back home soon because no matter how great the situation–it still disrupts your life and is unsettling.

I lost everything about ten years ago just before I came back to the Big Bear Valley so stuff doesn’t really matter much to me but it was a trauma then. When you think about the aftermath should you lose your home and belongings it is a bit overwhelming. On the one hand it is opportunity to start new and on a different adventure, on the other hand losing everything is a bit overwhelming if you think of it as having to start over and rebuild.

Some people take trips and treat it like a vacation but others are not able to. Next week HM and I are supposed to head over to Vegas for an industry trade show–wondering it the smoke will have cleared by then.

Press Enterprise Article on Butler Fire (with a great shot of two firefighters near a forest road)

CNN article on the Butler Fire

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One Response to “GG Muses Over Evacuation Disruption

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    C. Scott Miller
    September 16th, 2007 07:43

    My heart goes out to you and my good friends who live in Big Bear – where I have enjoyed skiing (snow and water), skygazing at the observatory, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, camping and fishing with my four children often over the last 30 years.

    You and your readers might want to start monitoring my BIOstock Blog ( for articles I am writing about the relationship between forest density, wildfires, and bug infestations. I also write about what we can do about it – the potential of using the emerging bioenergy industry (converting woody biomass to electricity and biofuels) to pay for thinning our forests to a healthy condition and proper forest stewardship.

    I am traveling to a Woody Biomass and Small Logs workshop near Mt. Shasta sponsored by UC/Berkeley and then on to the Dept. of Interior in D.C. for meetings about mitigating these disasters before they start.

    I am giving a presentation to the Energy from Biomass and Waste in Pittsburgh on the subject of Wildfires and Bioenergy Sept. 27. I will include slides of the 2003 blaze and new ones showing this one that I have gotten from your site. THANK YOU – they raise the alarm brilliantly!

    I would be interested in your comments to upcoming articles I write on feedback from these discussions.

    You are living in the smoke of the consequences of unhealthy forests. We need to remediate the unburned, unhealthy forests NOW.

    Maybe when the smoke clears we can get together and I can show your audience what I have learned.