Good New, Bad News & Community Market…

Above: Cy over at So Cal Mountains posted some really awesome photos–here is the good news. Below: Also by Cy…the bad news

Hard to get updates this afternoon. Guessing we are going to get an earful tonight at the PAC. On the scanner it sounds like the fire is near structures but just which structures I haven’t been able to determine.

Snacks & Scuttlebutt
There was a Grizzly reporter outside of Community Market today interviewing locals about the fire. Sometimes reporters are really insensitive–yes, some of us are stressed.

Personally, I am blogging because I can’t concentrate enough to get any of my real work done including posting on my serious content blogs.

Community Market reports that they had a record day yesterday selling liquor and ice cream. Stress eating? Yes, we are and over here we are having chips and home made guacamole.

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