Helitattack in Fawnskin

Above: One of the shots I took of the heliattack loading up on September 27, 2007.

Last night I got to see the parade of firemen again. This has been a daily occurrance both in the morning and evening hours. I am happy to see that they are still here since containment does not indicate that the fire is completely out…and my hike upon return certainly drove that into my consciousness. I heard that the Sierra Club hiked through the area on the 26th but have not heard anything more about it–nor have I made it up there yet.

Yesterday my big adventurers concerned having a plumber out to work on one of the drains. He said that Fawnskin is full of home owner plumbing projects which can be nightmares–mine was sort of that way–and after an hour and a half he went on his merry way. I lucked out since they can get super busy during various times of the year. He was here within about a half an hour of my call.

In the meantime, I started to blow some of the massive quantities of pine needles off the parking pad. Today that is my big project for the deck and stairs and I noticed my neighbor down the street was doing the same thing. I have to use a rake once the material is moved–but it sure saves time and is cleaner–plus it doesn’t use water!

In my house, nesting continues and I need to get a new table or bakers-whatever-you-call it for the kitchen. My current one bit the dust and everything in two shelves landed in a pile on the floor. So, that means that it is something else to add into the yard sale aka fire sale pile.

It can be fixed easily but I want something else in here. I have a king mattress that needs to go to the dump but need a larger truck…(anyone hauling stuff this week–I have that nifty card for free dump access) and my pal is getting the antique chaise lounge which also has to get hauled over to Erwin Lake–hopefully in the next week.

When is this massive sale happening? Not sure yet, still sorting through stuff and hoping some of my neighbors will want to join in the fun.

I am sticking close to home this weekend again. Last weekend I heard reports that the Cowboy Poetry event had dismal attendance from several parties. One group said they went up to support a particular group but left because there was little signage and they thought it might have been cancelled due to the weather.

Others were not happy about the organization, pricing, and scheduling. An event ran overtime–which wasn’t good for the next event since their start time was contingent on the end time of the previous one. Anyway, I was sorry to hear such reports since the event has always been one of my favorites.

I managed to head over to Sol Food Market last night before heading in for the evening. The big news is that they are having that potluck they were talking about just after the Cancer Project Cooking Class. The vegan potluck is also going to be a test of some new products they may bring into the store.

So, if you attended the cooking class, or are interested in attending the event, it is on October 20th at Noon. It will be on the open patio next to Sol Food Market at 1116 West Big Bear Blvd., in Big Bear City. If you plan to attend please RSVP to Janice at (562) 652-3120.

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