Pirates in Fawnskin

Above: Fawnskin Pirate Spirit at Moose Lodge 2085: Rick, Lexi, & Dee

Last night was pretty tame as most of Fawnskin was still in recovery from a stressful week due to the Butler II Fire evacuation. I have to say that the cold weather isn’t too motivating for anyone to venture out for a costume party–but even so, Fawnskin residents have heart and a hearty crew popped over to Moose Lodge 2085 for an evening of camaraderie.

Rick & Dee were awarded first place for male and female pirate costumes–they got some good booty (clean up your minds–I mean pirate treasure) with valuable drink chips. Someone even got the mascot Moose dressed up complete with hat, parrot, and an eye patch!

HM asked for three songs the Pirate DJ didn’t have…however the DJ had some pirate tunes but those soon went the way of Davey Jones’ locker…along with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The movie allegedly got dumped because some party poopers wanted to watch the USC game instead!

The DJ was kinda outfitted for the occasion and the place was decorated nicely despite the light turn out. The scuttlebutt is that since Fawnskin residents were not allowed back in Fawnskin until after the scheduled planning meeting that some thought it would be better to just forget the dress code. Quite frankly the stress is more than you think so I don’t blame ’em for staying close to home or not dressing up and I have to admit I didn’t dress for the party either.

Since I’ve been pretty scarce, I was delighted to see the pool table addition to the Moose Lodge 2085 social scene. Once dinner was done, it attracted the younger crowd and prompted smiles and friendly competition.

In other news, I found this nice little piece about Fawnskin from the Press Enterprise.

I’ve recently was told that two Big Bear business are closing. Cafe Mambo has not sold and one of the patrons (who invited me out for lunch there last week) shared the news.

Also changing hands again is JJJ. This last week JJJ has been closed for a couple of days and the rumors are flying. Speculation is that this is because of the highway closure–Dennis commutes up from the other side of the mountain.

The arbitration news that I got was that Gene is taking back the place but my understanding was that this was not happening until sometime in November. Since I have not talked to Gene or Betty I can’t tell you what is really happening yet. Half the valley believes they will operate JJJ again while the other half believes they won’t…so we will just have to wait and see because I don’t have confirmation either way.

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One Response to “Pirates in Fawnskin

  • 1
    September 24th, 2007 09:33

    I don’t know about JJJ, but Mambo closing is no surprise. Big attitudes, little service and an obvious disdain for the wider local population will surely lead any business to this result. He was warned!