Post Evacuation Blues & Other Fawnskin Musings

Above: Older fawn picture by Beedle Um Bum

There must be something cathartic about my nesting behavior and outdoor efforts. I get most peace from working in the yard or being out in nature but seem to still be having a time with the post evacuation blues. Logically I know everything is fine–but tell my body.

Anyway, I went in to get checked on Wednesday and was told my body is still in “flight or fight” mode and my adrenals are stressed. Ya think?!

I spoke to a couple of other Fawnskin residents who are feeling the same way. Many are sticking close to home and engaging in similar behaviors…although you wouldn’t know it by the Grizzly’s article about Fawnskin evacuees.

Speaking of Fawnskin residents, I stopped by Serenity Place Gallery Friday AM. It was their last day. Louis is opening his photography studio in the Bella Donna mall building (where Blondies is) in the village. I asked him to give me a jingle when all the finishing touches are done.

I visited the thrift stores in my quest for the new kitchen shelves–geez what an awful mess– and nothing anywhere was suitable. While I was at it, I also did the antique store loop. In the past that was one of my favorite hobbies–it has been a while since I took the time to visit.

Anyway, if you are looking for any kind of furniture, Big Bear Thrift & Treasures (off Red Ant Hill) is having a 50% off parking lot sale and they had a few good items–including a very nice single bed for only $55 before discount!

So, I didn’t find anything suitable (except some items for sale at about 1200 bucks and up which I am NOT doing). However, I lucked out because my pal gave me a temporary solution for the kitchen shelving issue–cool folding shelves.

Two neighbors volunteered to take the mattress on their dump run this week. Now I just have to get some strong men to help haul it up the hill. Ugh! While we are at it–need to toss the old BBQ, too. It works so maybe I’ll put it up on the pad for someone to take–or for the yard sale.

You probaby heard about the infrared assessment of the burn area. Crews will be up here cleaning up for at least a couple of more weeks. My pal saw a burn Thursday on the way down the hill…the person driving behind her must have too because he rear ended them!

When I drove down Wednesday, there were rocks and boulders of all sizes falling into the road. Use care when you drive up or down–and be careful around the crews.

The Inn at Fawnskin is hopping on Sunday as they host the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment service at 11am to be followed by a silent fundraising auction. Call Nancy if you need more info at 866-3200 or the church office at 584-2040.

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