Up and Down in Fawnskin

Saturday a whole lot of people traveled to Apple Valley for the memorial service for Mary Lu Drake. It seems as though I hit the age where people around me are passing on–and it is tiring and sad.

What do you say? I don’t think there is much you can. There isn’t much that can ease the loss of a loved one so I just showed up to hug Bob, Neil, and Leanne.

Mary Lu was a strong family person. We had breakfast here in Fawnskin about once a week for years. She always was smiling and always had something to say…in fact sometimes it was hard to get a word in edgewise! She did pay attention and did listen–but she always was a chatterbox.

One of the things I liked about our morning group is that everyone was so busy with living life that it was always a fast paced, passionate, discussion on those breakfast mornings.

I guess the legacy you leave is the impact you have made on those around you. Mary Lu lived a good life that was a blessing to a lot of people. I know we all wish the family well. Nothing lessens the pain of loss but the good memories at least begin to overtake the grief–with time.

Not Trespassing in Fawnskin
Okay, I finally got the rest of the story on the Prowler parked on the lot below. THAT property is actually a separate transaction from the old North Shore Tavern property. MWD traded the lots where the Prowler is parked for another parcel with a well. The new property owner has been staying in the trailer and is quiet as a mouse. His traded parcel is on the road that runs adjacent to Grout Creek. Time will reveal what may transpire here and there.

Has the Fawnskin Pirate Takes a Lakeside Trip?
Now I have not been out in town lately–but today while out on the lake I spied what looked like the Fawn Park Pirate out on the lakeshore. I can’t remember what bay we came out of but there he was in all his glory! Wondered when that was going to happen. I’ll have to go take a look in the park to make sure before I head down the hill tomorrow!

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