Who’s Who on the Butler II Fire

No new updates yet…things are lagging it seems and I didn’t sleep well, woke up at three and then managed to doze a while so I got up late today!

From Wildland Fires:
The fire is being managed under Unified Command and that will not change.

Unified Command includes the following:
Fed Fire (until tomorrow at 0600, Fiorella, IC),
San Bernardino County Fire (Corley),
CalFire (McClellan) and
San Bernardino County Sheriff (Watkins).

Dave Fiorella is the Incident Commander of the Southern California Interagency Incident Management Team 3, a federal Type 2 team.

Management of the fire will transition to the federal Type 1 CIIMT 4 with Rocky Oplinger, IC at 0600 hrs. tomorrow. When fires get more complex, interagency incident management teams often go from Type 2 to Type 1.

It will still be managed under Unified Command. *snip*

As for the DC-10, it will no doubt fly if CalFire believes it is needed and Arnie has anything to say about it. …..It will return…

Although I mentioned CERT, I forgot to mention that the local Mountain Mutual Aid and Emergency Operation Center group also spoke at the meeting.

This was also posted at Wildland Fires around 7PM last night:
Guy IN Fawnskin providing a Teamspeak scanner feed and a blow by blow. Fire is 1/2 mile from his house. House is gelled.

I believe the structure probably was along Rim of the World Drive. Since I am not on my computer (have to drive into town for access) I am not on Teamspeak so couldn’t tell you for sure.

Found this Fire Detect at NOAA and it shows just how far the smoke has traveled…over many states.

I found this list of old 2003 links but didn’t check them all. Some might be useful and this list of California Fire Information link is very useful from the Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education group and while I am at it here is the CA Fire forum.

Inciweb has been very slow to load and update so I am going to get going this am and will check back with any updates I get. They were worried about the wind last night but it is pretty still on this end at the moment.

BTW: My correspondant is down in Redlands so I am still looking for someone local to help update you here while I am gone. If you are interested use the link to the right to contact me.

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