Fawnskin Adventure Park

The news of California Adventure troubles has the town is buzzing with ideas, passion and a wave of entrepreneurial spirit. Locals have finally found a way to increase the tax revenue and tourism for our little hamlet!

Fawnskinners around these parts are pondering how they might form individual 501(c)3s so we can set up private amusement areas on everyone’s private lots. This will make it legal to solicit funds for improvements for the town AND will be a great way to lure–I mean attract–lots of visitors here.

Once they arrive they will have to pay to park their vehicles in selected areas and we will close the main road so that people can amble safely from place to place. This will force–I mean–will be great for local commerce because then they can only spend their money here!

We can revitalize the Theater of the Stars, conduct nature tours, provide canoe adventures in the spring and summer, and snow play activities in the winter.

We have biking experts in town who can come up with something. The Pedersen’s Mill can be made into a haunted attraction and I am sure we can take people out a ways and get them to mine for gold…just think of all the souvenirs we could sell _and_ if someone hits a gold vein we are set!

As a matter of fact, we could have the kids visit the Old Miller School House after we restore it back to its former glory instead of bringing it up to code for the handicapped.

Imagine, Fawnskin with a tax base. Maybe we can turn the street lamps throughout town back on…

I am sure you have lots more ideas–let’s get this ball rolling!

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