GG Gets Multiple Phone Calls (Fawn Park *Yawn*)

So, I’ve been busy and wondering what to write when I get back to my office to find a series of phone messages from the Fawn Park owner.

Grrr-eeeeaaaattttt. Just made my day.

In the last message (the only one I listened to) he said he didn’t care about a rebuttal (to what?) and that the people who gave money to the park know that it is temporarily closed–and that it will be closed until the person dies, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Did I mention the part where he went on about how they personally bought the parcel?

We know, we know. Puh-lease!

I like the park but I have never considered the private purchase anything else than that. Sorry, but I just thought it was a PR move. Which, based on the media I have seen, I still believe is more likely the case.

By the way, I need to mention that I don’t thank my other neighbors for capital improvements on their property–so I think it is a bit bizarre to expect “thanks” from anyone in the community. Especially from those who were promised certain things and expected access to the park for the money they handed over.

On that note, Andy over at Fawnskin Realty says he would be happy to accept money from other people to construct a park on his private property on the other side of town. Of course, he won’t let anyone use it either–after all, it is his private property.

Anyway, in my opinion the Fawn Park owners would do better if they would tell the media, locals, and visitors that it now a private park and that they have changed their minds. End of story. No more issue. Everyone might grumble but there would at least be resolution.

So back to the original thought, for those of you out there who are the people I know who gave money and told me you don’t know why the park is closed…you may want to write and let the Fawn Park owners know that somehow you got missed in the big letter writing campaign (or whatever was done) to let you know why the park is closed. The Fawn Park owner obviously thinks you were notified–or maybe he thinks you read the Grizzly.

The rambler also mentioned that the park was open for four years and has only been closed for the last year.

Okay, can you tell me just what does that have to do with a non-profit that collects money and then changes on delivery? Are there exemptions under the law? I have to say that I am tired of my neighbors being upset over the darn closure and everyone is sick of trying to explain to visitors…

Oh dear, I am going to digressing again…(I imagine I am going to get a nasty letter like everyone else and so you’ll have the benefit of seeing it posted here when it arrives.)

Quite frankly, as far as the content here, although I post things of interest to the community this is a blog (read personal web journal) so it is my opinion and I share some opinions that are given to me by the community. Since people can post online (and I don’t get paid to do this) I am not going to spend my time transcribing a phone message or listening to a rant.

At this point, call a spade a spade and just say it is a private park, playground or what ever.

Rename it and move on.

Again, speaking for myself…

I remember hearing about the person who was going to check on the laws with the Attorney General but I have not heard back–if you are reading did you do that?

Probably not, we are a small town and try to resolve our issues on the local front…usually.

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One Response to “GG Gets Multiple Phone Calls (Fawn Park *Yawn*)

  • 1
    Dennis Knickerbocker
    October 12th, 2007 06:08

    Took me awhile to figure out the whole Fawnskin park thing. Don’t know why anybody (especialy his wife) puts up with him. Guess he is the clown she wanted sent in.

    As far as I’m concerned anybody who tries to get near him deserves what they get. It has been no secret for years what a jerk he is.

    Enjoy your blog, would like more pictures. There are a lot of us who can’t get up there and miss it.

    Glad you guys survived the fire. I thought sure it would get Fawnskin for sure. You people should really press for a cause for the fire so they will admit it is part of the first one that they dropped the ball on. oh well only 12 plus million and some pretty country gone.