In Other News…

Above: Ribbon cutting at the new Edward Jones office in Big Bear.

I managed to pick up my camera from the Edward Jones office, and as promised, above is the snap at the new Edward Jones office in Big Bear. The Open House was fun and attracted a good crowd.

I met Lauren when she came to the valley and was holding the coffee club here in Fawnskin and will probably be attending again since she offers one at her new office twice a month. It is getting great reviews–if you are interested call Angela at 866-8422.

Above: A first, Ron Seymour trying to hide from the camera!
Above: Another view of the conference room.

Above: Prizes for attendees at the open house!

Above: Visitors made themselves at home in the entry area of the office.

Above: Another view of the entry area.

Above: Lauren Hood’s cozy office.

Lauren Hood’s office had information about programs she offers at no charge to the community and other specialty services. These include the financial workshop (eight weeks), the coffee club, and lots more.

Biz Buzz
I happened to drive through town yesterday and noticed that the Gold Pan has a new paint job–gone is the signature pink exterior and instead it is brown. I have a radio interview today but will amble down and get a snap–also hopefully the scoop. The place has been up for sale for a while and maybe something is up.

The Hummingbird Project was packed yesterday, they told me they are going to move to a new location–not sure why the crowds but you might drop by to check it out.

Some people thought that the Bella Donna clothing store had closed but it is up on Village Drive next to the UPS store. It looks really nice but I still miss the gallery…

That Darn Park
Really, in the scheme of things nobody probably cares–but locally, I checked out the twin tower monument/waterfall in “that” local park aka private playground. Some of it has been dismantled.

Word on the street is that the park owner didn’t like what the crew did and so took some of it apart. Also, the park owners allegedly are looking to try and get Hansberger interested in the park.

Geez, do any other property owners around here spend time doing anything like that?

It would be better to get Hansberger interested in the town restoration–or at least the needs of Fire Station 49 but I bet he has his hands full from the fires.

While I am on this topic I got a nasty communique via the web from the park owner. He doesn’t like what I have had to say.

Like it or not, we live in America where free speech still exists…guess I now join the fine ranks of other community residents who have experienced threats and other such nonsense from the guy.

He must not have anything better to do.

I hope the pond guys from Arrowhead (who worked on the waterfall and display) don’t get a headache from their experience–they have enough to deal with now.

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2 Responses to “In Other News…

  • 1
    October 28th, 2007 08:06

    Just tell it like it is GG…Marty Engalls (sp) is the park owner and he is the one who keeps acting like a jackass. I am sure there are other community members that have been acting like jackasses too, but he has been making himself very visable. The name spoiled child and temper tantrum come to mind.

    Who really cares about the bloomin park? Someone should turn the situation in to the AG office because they solicit funds from the public to build a community park and it is just not so!

    Does anyone remember Chuck Foster????

  • 2
    October 28th, 2007 19:41

    Maybe it’s time to pause and be thankful… The Big Bear Valley has been spared devastation since Sept 1 with (3) major fires. Forget the Park…I urge you GG not to spread any more negative. Right or Wrong,the park whether open or closed is better than some run down building with neglectful owners as runs rampant in the Big Bear Valley. At least the Park Owners are keeping the park maintained during this time of dispute. Don’t fuel the fire ok? Haven’t we had enough fires?? Not picking on ya GG you’re entitled to your opinion, but think it’s time to stop on the negative publication and let destiny take it’s course 🙂