News & Notes from Outside Fawnskin

I’ve been hearing some more scuttlebutt out there…

The Monks Bakery on Red Ant Hill is no longer. The word is that they have gone to Ohio and hopefully the new party that has taken over will do something fabulous with it because we really would like to have a good bakery up here…please, oh, please!

Rumors of an Italian Restauant for Fawnskin are milling around but have not been substantiated for the old North Shore Tavern. The Beef, Beans, and Beer project seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after the sale of the property…which is probably a good thing because we have enough hot air around here and the gas would not be the kind of fuel we would need ’round these parts.

I’ve learned who two of the candidates for the next race for Fawnskin Mayor are, but I imagine that the North Shore Improvement Association will announce them on Monday at the monthly potluck. I’ll see if I can learn who the third one is before then–and any bribes will be gladly accepted if you want me to reveal them.

Monday night the Moose Lodge was a happening place. Our local Real Estate mogul and famed writer Rita Robinson-Campbell were on hand. Mike and Peggy, talented part-timers, were up and the conversations flowed.

I had agreed to meet the neighbors, so when they showed up we were torn between the lively conversations. The end result? We all stayed out until the late hour of 8pm. When we all started yawning–it was time to leave.

However, we first hiked over to the Fawnskin Market for “late night” purchases and to make Mike laugh. He ended up with a rush of six people! Except for the lodge and the market, things were pretty quiet around these parts but tomorrow is another day and I am sure it will be lively as usual.

FYI: Six of the eight fire personnel that were injured when the vehicle went over the side on the Arctic Circle have been released. The other two will remain in the hospital overnight but both are reported to be doing well.

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