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Last night I finally arrived back home. While driving through the arctic circle I spied a bobcat. The critter smartly crouched down at the side of the road as we approached with our headlights. HM met me down the hill and was behind me–but he didn’t catch a glimpse.

My neighbor told me she was almost run over by a deer during a hike last week. I suspect wildlife sightings will be more common due the destruction of habitat in the area and animal movement into terrain that will support them–some closer to town.

Wow, did I really noticed the burnt smell upon arrival back home. Yuck. Pretty offensive to the nose but a small price to pay for NOT having our homes burnt to the ground.

My trip(s) were good but I actually popped back in for a short time on Friday to grab a few items for my North Hollywood event…and it was snowing! Once I hit the arctic circle it stopped. But I was glad to be leaving early since I hate attempting to commute in inclement weather.

Upon arrival home I discovered a few things. First, I forgot to tell you that Amangela’s has changed their hours to 7am to 5pm daily. Sometimes I get the news but forget to post it!

Down in Running Springs, the Bus Stop is now closed on Wednesdays.

Yesterday I drove in from Sierra Madre to meet HM at Martha Green’s Eating Room. If you have not been there–it is a dangerous place to venture since the food is fabulous and the baked goods are addictive.

Martha told me their expansion should be complete in the next couple of weeks. The new area is clean and light with great red highlights. It includes additional seating , ample storage and counter space for the bakery and other goodies. Martha Green has also been doing a regular show with KVCR with yummy recipes and commentary.

During my adventures, which will have to wait, I was also able to get my artistic fix over at the Metro Gallery in Los Angeles. Juan, owner of the gallery greeted Chris McCormick and I and his camera man decided we were the couple to follow…who knows where that footage will show up!

The current exhibit at the Metro Gallery is called The Floating World featuring Gina Stepaniuk and Linda Vallejo. The opening featured ecologically focused works.

Linda is a surrealist whose work has a vibrant quality to it mixed with an ethnic twist. She is greatly interested in the environment and you can check out some of Linda Vallejo’s work here. Linda also conducts grant writing workshops which is how Chris first met her.

We really enjoyed hearing each artist talk about their work and mixing with a variety of Angelinos.

However, it just made me miss Serenity Place Gallery even more…HM was told there was a potluck for the artists on Saturday up here in Big Bear but he couldn’t find anyone at the address!

Okay, it is time to catch up and the doggie duo enter into boot camp today…I am gonna be busy!

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