San Bernardino Mountain Fire Info Plus San Diego Links

Craig at posted this pic of a Canadian bomber due to arrive to fight the fires here on 10/25/07

Estimated maps (10/24 PM) from

Grass Valley Fire is reported as 30% contained tonight and the Slide Fire is estimated at 0% contained, according to the US Forest Service.

I was on the East end of the valley watching the smoke crawl in through Fawnskin and then across the valley. Yikes, is it nasty here at home. We’ve been really lucky as far as smoke goes (not to mention the fire danger). School is out tomorrow due to air quality.

There have been reports of people trying to hike back in or to use unauthorized entry through the backroads. Sheesh. There are many changing conditions and these activities are NOT good ideas.

I remember taking snaps of client homes after the earthquake in 1992–just a reminder, you might want to keep updated pics or videos of your possessions for insurance purposes. If you have to evacuate and lose your home these will help you in the long run.

Donations for fire fighters are being collected at the Baptist Church and the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce. You might have heard that the firefighters on the line are happy to get eye drops, chapstick, sunscreen, snacks (high calories) such as jerky, Snickers, Milky Way, Hershey Bars with Almonds, power bars, nuts, and brown bag lunches.

If you want to click for an updated map for California fire info try abc7

My pal in San Diego sent this links for any of you looking for San Diego info.

Channel 10 News

Emergency Info Page

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