Slide Fire Map Update 10/25/07 AM

Above: View of the smoke in the Big Bear valley from the East end.

I wish I could say I missed the sound of the helicopter blades overhead–but it would be a lie. They are back along with a “super soaker” plane dipping into the lake for fire fighting. Below is the map from this am. The fire has hit the perimeter of the Butler II fire–guess we should be happy we have that fire break.

The big battle is to keep the fire from moving down toward the highway and from crossing it. If you want updates there are maps and info down in the main shopping centers.

Above: Slide Fire Perimeter as of 10/25/07 am. Click on the photo to enlarge.

On October 23rd the forest was closed to public entry. Exceptions include Serrano Campground, Alpine Pedal Path, and Juniper Point parking area. Violators entering national forest recreational facilities, roads, and hiking trails are subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the fire fighters who were lost in the Esperanza Fire. Many agencies will be flying flags half mast and will hold a moment of silence held at Noon.

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One Response to “Slide Fire Map Update 10/25/07 AM

  • 1
    October 26th, 2007 05:51

    Hi GG!
    This is Terri from The Bus Stop. Thanks for the plug. We are fine and well, hunkered down in my sister’s beach house in Newport Beach. (too bad!) The fun is wearing off and I can’t help but think about the mess that awaits us back in RS. We are grateful we were spared but sooo sad for our community.

    Hey, we’re having a little party saturday afternight at the house.
    We’re easy to get to….take Newport Blvd to 15th Street, look for the Catholic Church and next door adjacent to the parking lot is the house. 1409 & 1411. Hope you can make it.

    Keep safe there in Big Bear. The site looks great.