Super Scooper Attracts Crowds & GG Leaves Camera at EJ

Above: The Learning Channel’s Mega Machines–Super Scooper (Runtime 7:05 minutes)

We have a Super Scooper here in the valley–I’d rather call it a super soaker. I took some snaps yesterday as it came in and scooped up water but I left my camera at the Edward Jones office after the Open House–must have been the punch–just kidding I don’t drink and there wasn’t any alcohol but it was a fun time. Lots of food and lots of locals.

Lauren Hood couldn’t get those giant scissors to cut the ribbon so the gang used some innovation…

Ron Seymour was there but I don’t know if he filmed or not so keep your eyes on Channel 6…

They had many great prizes for the drawing. In case you have not heard the office moved to a bigger location at 41067 Big Bear Blvd. (across from the Forest Farms & the Logger Deli). Very nice location–and it has air conditioning and ample parking which is a big deal to the staff.

I’ll post some pics after I pick up the camera.

Back to the fire, I heard scuttlebutt about four hearty individuals that were holed up in Crab Flats. They are self-contained and had set up a perimeter for defense. It seems that nobody really knew they were there and the fire fighters found them when they sent an engine and crew in to fight.

Just wondering what else is up in that neck of the woods…

Crestline residents are being allowed back into their community today after 9am. I heard from my pal Terri–she is in Newport. Got an invite to an event down there but won’t be able to make it due to schedule demands–but thanks for letting me know you are okay. I still have not heard from a few of my pals from down in those areas.

This is a cool short video taken during aerial fire fighting in 2005:

I don’t have any updated statistics on containment since last night: Slide Fire 15% and Grass Valley 70%.

I heard unconfirmed scuttlebutt that fire fighters are optimistic about progress…and I’ll leave it at that.

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