That Darn Park

That Darn Park
Really, in the scheme of things nobody probably cares but locally, I checked out the twin tower monument/waterfall in “that” local park aka private playground. Some of it has been dismantled. Word on the street is that the park owner didn’t like what the crew did and so took some of it apart. Also, the park owners allegedly are looking to try and get Hansberger interested in the park.

Geez, do any other property owners around here spend time doing anything like that?

It would be better to get Hansberger interested in the town restoration–or at least the needs of Fire Station 49.

While I am on this topic I got a nasty communique via the web from the park owner. Sheesh!

Like it or not, we live in America where free speech still exists…guess I now join the fine ranks of other community residents who have experienced threats and other such nonsense from the guy.

He must not have anything to do now that the park is done…oh, I forgot–the monument has to be reset.

I hope the pond guys from Arrowhead don’t get a headache from their experience–they have enough to deal with now.

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