The REAL Reason Fawnskin Was Spared

Above: The real reason Fawnskin was saved from the Butler II Fire

Sources have revealed the true reason that the little town of Fawnskin was spared from the Butler II Fire–was because of the monks. No matter what your belief system, the benevolent forces of the universe just could not see this project thwarted when it was so close to being completed.

As locals know, the saga of the new Buddhist Temple has been ongoing. After a fast and furious start on construction in 2005, the project hit a few glitches–when nobody else seemed to care, a couple of those hurdles were even revealed here at the now infamous Fawnskin Flyer but I can only pull up two: Buddhist Temple Update September 2005 and Buddhist Temple Update August 21, 2007.

It turns out that the Vipassana Dhura Society here in our little town of Fawnskin is under a few watchful eyes such as the Pluralism Project at Harvard. Two notable publications, Moment by Moment Mindfulness: A Pictorial Guide for Meditators and Insight Meditation: Practical Steps to Ultimate Truth have their roots here in Fawnskin according to Wikipedia.

Will wonders never cease? A famous meditation society here in Fawnskin AND a miraculous blessing so that not only did the temple fail to burn but it was also speculated to be the reason that the town was spared!


Okay, so I have to let you know that I’ll be out of town for a few days–sorry but no updates because of travel and obligations. If you care to join me I’ll be overseeing a blessing of the animals in North Hollywood at the Many Paths Bookstore on October 6th at 11am.

Thanks to those of you participating in the restaurant poll–unfortunately the Other is not showing your choices but I have them on my end–see the comments below the restaurant post and go ahead and vote. If you want others to know right away then leave your favorite restaurant name in the comment area below the post.

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2 Responses to “The REAL Reason Fawnskin Was Spared

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    October 6th, 2007 10:12

    Although I can find references to the two mentioned books published by the Vipassana Dhura Meditation Society in Fawnskin, those references are dated 1989, and I’m certain that the Vipassanna Dhura Meditation Society is no longer involved in Fawnskin, and is in no way connected to the Wat Dhammasujitto Meditation Center currently in the final stage of construction in Fawnskin.

    Ajahn Sombot, the abbot of the current Buddhist meditation center, would certainly be delighted to talk to anyone about his new facility and explain its purpose.

    Although styled similar to traditional Thai Buddhist temples, it is not a temple as such, but intended simply as a quiet place for meditation and teaching, and occasional ceremonies for Southern California Thai Buddhists and other interested persons. Everyone is welcome.

  • 2
    Fawnskin Flyer: | Buddhist Meditation Center Opening Celebration
    May 23rd, 2008 07:30

    […] The previous building had burned down prior to my moving into Fawnskin–and I have watched the activities and construction from the very beginning. You can see some former snaps here or here. […]