West End Gal & East End Sights

Above: The minature town (storage sheds?) near the minature pony ranch in the East End of Big Bear Valley.

The boot camp is going well but it requires that I visit the East End of the valley every day. So, I get a fairly good eyeball of lots of different things going on around these parts. The wind was howling yesterday and was very strong. I noticed it picked up here a little bit late last night and early this am.

I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you that the work on the signal at Maple and Big Bear Blvd began recently. Nothing like a late start right before winter hits!

During my daily commute (a whopping 25 miles round trip) I have run into some interesting little spots like the one above. I try to keep my camera with me these days because I keep running into entertaining little discoveries that seem to get missed. I’d like to include snaps here–maybe begin some sort of fun posts that asks readers to identify “where is this?”

Honestly, you never know what you are going to run into around these parts–anyone have a picture of the West End’s 100 Acre Woods? If so, send it.

Last night we went into Vons. So I just have to ask how you feel about that long ongoing construction project in the Vons center. The Vons interior construction went on so long that it finally caused me to change my buying habits. Now I support two of the smaller markets in the valley instead of the chains. I just got into a new habit and like the shopping experience–and supporting local business owners. Reminds me of when I lived outside the USA.

I can’t help but think that the businesses in the center are facing challenges with sales during this perpetual project–at least it seems that it has been perpetual.

As far as local shopping, I am amazed at just how much stuff Mike has in the Fawnskin Market. Every time I am in there, when someone asks for something he usually has it. Batteries, flashlights–he just added some Mexican bread and other sweet breads/cakes. Personally, I needed some automotive oil this week–and yes he had it!

Last night we were out and it was COLD. Time to pull out the jackets. I wore a sweater out on Monday night and that was enough, but as usual, late October usually means lighting the fireplace and pulling out the winter gear. I cannot believe how fast the end of the year is approaching!

Did I mention some of the neighbors are joining in a local yard sale (aka fire sale) during a civilized (and hopefully warmer) time slot of 9am-Noon on this Saturday and Sunday on Brookside? Check out the Weekender and the Shopper for details. Since the evac I have been clearing and sorting–plus I’ve been in one place for five years and have managed to collect more than my share of “stuff.” Hoping to get rid of a bunch of it.

Now don’t get me wrong on the early am activities. Those of you remember my early morning ambles along the lake front. I wake up early but by the time I finish writing and early chores the morning has moved on quickly. Due to some complications I couldn’t get out and walk for a while but I now walk in the warmer afternoons.

Wow, I am late today–so that’s it for now!

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    October 17th, 2007 12:30

    Talked to the Rite Aid manager last week about the construction. He said it was supposed to have started in the spring, but the Interlaken Center owner caused a delay & construction didn’t start until July 4th weekend! He also said that some of the smaller stores reported a 60% decrease in their business because of this! Maybe they should withhold their lease payments! We’re locals, so trying to spend our money with these stores & restaurants to help out, since it’s not their fault.