Wildfires: Slide Fire & Grass Valley Fire Updates

Slide & Grass Fires 10/26/07

The smoke outside is a little bit better today–yesterday animals were acting up and I got reports that people were cranky.

Today CalTrans will assess roadways damaged by the fire. From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm the the first lane on Northbound I-215 will be closed. The lane closure will begin at SR210/30 to University Parkway on northbound I-215.

The first repairs have begun on the closed sections of SR 18 and SR 330. Caltrans and the public utility companies are expediting the work so the roads can be opened as soon as possible.

An informational meeting took place last night at the National Orange Show and Victorville Fairgrounds evacuation centers to brief residents of the evacuated areas on the progress of firefighting efforts and display maps of properties damaged or destroyed by the fires. Due to fire danger info on just what properties had been lost or damaged was not available.

Above: Slide Fire Perimeter 10/26/07 PM

Eight hours ago the updates on containment were Slide Fire 20% and Grass Valley Fire 75%. Containment means the fire perimeter is secure not that the fire is out. Here is a glossary of fire terms if you are so inclined.

In the fire areas, law enforcement officers are working 12-hour shifts to patrol evacuated communities an estimated 120 people with guns and badges are on duty near the fire zones.

About 50 people have been arrested inside the evacuation zones since Monday and it in not known when it will be safe for people living near Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs to return home.

The IRS put out a statement concerning loss and proving it: residents affected by the fires should compile the following:
-Before-and-after photographs
-Good records of expenses incurred while cleaning up (Note: damaged landscaping can be included while calculating casualty loss)
-A drawn-up floor plan of furnishings in the house
-A list of valued assets, with pictures and sales receipts

Those affected are encouraged to consider an appraisal for applicable damaged property. Ask your tax advisor about the Cohen Law–if you lost your receipts or don’t have everything they are looking for.

For those not in burn areas, this list is something to think about for your evac kit or safety deposit box.

Photos from the fires can be uploaded and viewed at the Sun website.

A special Fire Victims Relief Fund has been established in the Inland Empire that will aid fire victims in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties will be in charge of distributing the fund.

The foundation will be accepting donations from anyone interested in contributing to the fund. For donation information call (951) 684-4194.

The following organizations have made donations or have committed to make donations to the Fire Victims Relief Fund:
— San Manuel Band of Mission Indians: $100,000
— Stater Bros. Markets: $20,000
— Arrowhead Credit Union: $20,000
— Altura Credit Union (Riverside County): $20,000
— American Collective Counseling Services: $20,000
— City of Riverside: $20,000
— County of Riverside: $20,000
— City of San Bernardino: $20,000
— Matich Corporation: $10,000
— SE Corporation: $5,000
— JJC Project Management: $4,000

Another local program isReuilding Mountain Hearts & Lives

Mountain Wildfire Slide Show: (Early Images by Brett Snow)

Okay, that is it on the fires for now…

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