2008 Fawnskin Mayor Candidate Betty Conroy

Above: Betty Conroy

One of the first people I met when I moved to Fawnskin was Betty Conroy. My neighbor had taken me down to Moose Lodge 2085 and I joined. The next day, Betty took me aside and said, “I know you are single without family close and if you need anything, or just company, come on down here and we’ll be here for you.”

That was true…she made me feel welcome and it was the start of a great experience here in Fawnskin. At the time, I had no idea about Betty’s long history here.

Betty has been a Fawnskin resident for more than 38 years. Her husband Don Conroy (who passed away before I got to Fawnskin) was one of the first Honorary Mayors of Fawnskin and served as administrator to Moose Lodge 2085 for 17 years.

The two were married for 51 years and Don was one of the few to be honored with the award Pilgrim of Merit. (Out of over 1 million members only about 4,000 have been awarded the title.)

Betty and Don managed the Cluster Pines camping area and eventually purchased the Three Bucks Lodge (now the North Shore Cabins) and ran it for ten years. Although you might think the name fits with the location–the Buck family (mom, dad, and child) was actually the reason for the name. (How is that for Fawnskin trivia?)

Originally from Michigan, Betty arrived in California as a child and moved from the La Mesa area up to Fawnskin. She has three kids (Nancy in Idaho, Michael here in Fawnskin, and Pat in Big Bear City–but who is always here in Fawnskin), seven grandkids, and seven great grandkids.

Betty can be found working as a bartender in the Moose Lodge four days a week. She takes short trips and loves to travel but loves it here and is always happy to return.

When asked about her favorite memory, Betty said that people she met from Cluster Pines still come up to visit her and that some have come up and retired here. She has many, many memories–her eyes twinkle and she smiles as she reflects.

Emily and Wayner Parker are sponsoring her fundraisers. You can drop by the Moose Lodge and buy a Moose for $20. They are being posted around the place with the names of sponsors on them.

If you are hankering for Emily’s famous chicken fried steak–get ready, she is cooking up a storm on December 8, 2007 for Betty’s campaign. The dinner will be held at the Moose Lodge for only $12.

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